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15 Incredible Beauty of Portrait Painting by Watchara Klakhakhai

Woman Portrait Painting: Watchara Klakhakhai is a prominent painter from Thailand. He is a realistic artist and his works include beautiful Apsaras. They are also referred to as fairy, numph, or celestial maiden. Apsara is also referred to as a female’s spirit of the waters and clouds in Buddist and Hindu mythology.

Watchara Klakhakhai’s paintings are well- recognized, admired, and praised, for his craftsmanship. One such painting was the sleeping Apsara. It is this work of his bringing out the concept of a woman as the most beautiful thing in the universe. His drawing of a beautiful woman is an outstanding piece.

Watchara Klakhakhai says women are the most beautiful things and he is working to serve their beauty through art. He says the beauty of women is from the time she is born. Women are the key elements of beauty and it starts from their skin, appearance, fingers, hands, nails, and clothes. According to Watchara Klakhakhai everything is inspiration of a woman.

Watchara Klakhakhai says he drew his drawing without getting inspired from anybody. He says he drew on papers when he was in his Grade 1 or 2, and then soon he drew on the front yard ground. People started realizing their houses for various activities and he loved sitting on the ground such that his right hand touched the ground to draw. He says even the left hand edge that left a mark on the ground was a pattern to him to draw. He did not have TV to watch as there was no electricity, and without knowing why he loved drawing, he wished to draw portraits.

His first picture was the senators of Chainat Province. He says he kept drawing his grandparent’s pictures and hung them on the house walls. Finally, Watchara Klakhakhai discovered King Rama IX was the most inspirational picture and it was a spectacular feeling. When he was in Grade 6, school excursion was to Pattaya and as soon as they arrived there, he first saw the painting shops, though all ran to the sea. There he realized that he stood watching a professional drawing and did not go to play. Watchara Klakhakhai, a Grade 6 boy watched for two hours the drawing. The professional was drawing a Western man’s picture and now after 40 years also he is saying it is fresh in his mind.

On finishing from the district boarding secondary school, he went to Nakhon Sawan Vocational college as his homeroom teacher advice. Here he took serious drawing and systematic learning. From there he went to Paochang in Bangkok to study and met Panya Petchu, who taught portraiture painting.

His first step towards drawing a person was as he went to see a puppet show with his siblings. During the performance and after it his mind was filled with the puppeteer impression and not the puppet show. Thus, he conveyed the emotions through his work and realized he focused on people. As a result he started drawing portraits and found working on the beauty of women was dramatic.

He says it is apparent from his works that his paintings were about women beauty. He says the attitude and the aesthetics in his picture are positive. He wishes to do a book with around 40 pieces of female figure. He says it will be useful to people interested in painting portraits and realistic works.

Watchara Klakhakhai believes today society is open to the art field than in the past. Parents agree to allow their children to study art, while in the past it was believed to unfavorable to have a stable career. He gives merit to two great artists of Chiagn Rai Province, Thawan Duchanee and Chalermchai Kositpipat. He believes strongly that times are changing and there will be support from many private sectors and also from developed countries in recognizing the arts and painting.

Watchara Klakhakhai Honors

  • 2001- Involved in the exhibition of "Jo-Louis Thai Puppet Show" in the Year 2002.
  • 2002 – Involved in the exhibition of 50th Anniversary Celebrations of His Majesty’s Accession to
    the Throne” organized by Kasikorn Bank.
  • 2003 – Power of Faith
  • 2006- Artist’s face
  • 2007- Painting in honor of His Majesty the King 80 years.Involved in the exhibition of “60th Anniversary Celebrations of His Majesty's and Solo performance “Favorite artist”.
  • 2008 – Nude, Fine arts, history and work of Her Royal Highness Princess Prince Galyani
    Vadhana Krom Luang Narathiwat Ratchanakarin
  • 2009- Solo performance “Beauty as an angel, Nang Sawan” and Thai Spiritual Image 2
  • 2011- Artist, draw, artist and The Art of Faith Lanna – Sipsongpanna
  • 2012- 1st White Elephant Art, Mekong River Art Exchange Project: Thailand-China to the Asian Community, and Exhibition Painting unites with two Thai kings
  • 2013 – 2nd White Elephant Art, Thai arts to the ASEAN community in Vietnam, Single
    performance “Passion-Passion”, From Lanna to Bodhgaya 2nd time, and Thai-Chinese arts and
    culture exchange at Guangxi College of Arts.
  • 2014- Annual Art Auction 2014 in Chiang Mai
  • 2015-Thai Auction House 12016- Double great for charity 3

Woman Portrait Painting

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