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Beautiful Watercolor Paintings by Wendy Paints

Watercolor Painting: WendyPaints, a young painter from Sydney, Australia reveals the fluidity medium that makes the watercolor flow into unbelievable pieces. Her painting and portraits are full of architectural places and pets. The painting is less predictable and reveals the watercolor artist’s talents of balancing freedom and control in their work. The techniques of watercolor painting create effects occurring naturally and there is nothing done rather on purpose.

Watercolor Painting Waterfall by Wendypaints
Image Credit: Wendy Paints

Wendy has used a more expressive style to capture her pictures. The beauty is that she uses delicate and gentle effects to get efficacy in her paintings. The birds that are done using watercolor paint are impressionistic of Wendy’s uniqueness. The flowers in the watercolor present a simplistic feel that she has not over bothered her paint with details. She says when painting she does not go to take measurements or believe in making measurements. She believes
in going for a straight painting. She does not even go for a preliminary drawing or racing out designs.

Watercolor Painting Sydney Opera House by Wendypaints
Image Credit: WendyPaints

Wendy’s confidence is in the intense watercolors, watercolor pencils, aquarelle, gold, watercolor inks, Renesans intense watercolors, gold Faber sketch pencils, Sennelier, watercolors, and acrylic. Her paintings reveal innovative ideas and express her thoughts making the painting by
nature realistic. In case you are not aware of Wendy’s style of work, you can see the paintings. All her paintings represent happiness and joy making the paintings unique.

Wendy steps to work with sprays, large arrangements, and beds with varied color ranges. It has wildlife like Kookaburra that is her favorite painting. She wanted to keep the background blank after painting Kookaburra, fearing the background should not ruin the bird painting. Even the koala baby and mum are also adorable things one cannot stop watching them, especially the baby

Watercolor Painting Cat by Wendypaints
Image Credit: WendyPaints

Painting a single subject, scenery, a bird, or an animal, she concentrates on the shapes and colors. She dedicates herself to filling in all small details to bring the painting live. She gives essential hue and shade, providing a sense of movement, while the light plays making her subjects look natural on the page. Wendy’s wisdom of painting is wealth and it is all about using colors, colored pencils, and lots more. It is inspiring to see how much instruction and care is taken in making each painting.

Watercolor Painting Penguin by Wendypaints
Image Credit: WendyPaints

There is a silent note with each painting showing the passion of art. Wendy knows to use watercolor for luminosity and freshness. It offers an alluring medium. The approach with watercolor is completely different from other heavy mediums of painting.

Now Wendy has to keep everything in sync and the combination of full-time working from 9 am to 7 pm and painting after work, editing on weekends, Youtube filming, and keeping up the schedule of regular posting has put her off her painting lately. She also says the passion that was a therapeutic and calming experience is taking a back step as she is highly busy. She also finds it a weird phase and it is new for her to understand why she is not able to concentrate on her passion, is she overall very tired.

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