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20 Spontaneous Realism of Watercolor Painting of Animals by Yubis Guzman

Watercolor Painting of Animal Portrait: Yubis Guzman is an educator, plastic artist and an illustrator. She was born in Venezuela and is 25 years old. She is residing in Argentina currently and dedicates herself to the works of art and creation. She has her work studio that she uses to develop her personal projects and also runs virtual classes. It is also the place from where she sells her art prints.

Yubis Guzman specializes in watercolor painting animal portraits. She uses vibrant and bright colors on the pets and as an artist tries the technique of spontaneous realism. She studied arts at UNEARTE University in Venezuela and at Manuel Belgrano, in Argentina.

Yubis Guzman sells her art works in many countries and in this way beautifies the lives and homes of many clients in the world. She also hopes to work in every corner of this world and to exhibit her works in different galleries and international fairs.

Yubiz Guzman reveals happy faces using colors and matches their emotions and mood. The comparisons of painting and photo reveal the expressions and poses that ensures a positive energy. The love for animals and painting has developed this artistic style in Yubis Guzman. She immigrated to Argentina and stayed for over six years performing the style techniques of spontaneous realism in many of her portraits, particularly her pet’s paintings.

Yubis Guzman works in a professional manner and now uses watercolor for all the paintings. Thus gives characteristic in vivid and bright colors. The artist has scaled to heights and it is not simple to attempt that she has done. As she was 18 and studying at UNEARTE, she decided to make 30 portraits and wished to exhibit at Junquito fair. Unfortunately, it rained heavily that day and the paintings got wet that there was no scope of sale.

The shocking part is Yubis was excited and took her desire to new levels by entering into a teaching profession. In 2018, she worked with a Jew in a clothing store. In three months she got in a bakery a job and there the bakery boss’s father was aware of her painting skills. He requested her to pain the old man’s portrait and it was where she became well-known as a self- taught woman, a painting artist in Buenos Aires.

The Bakery Boss father hung his photo in the bakery and people loved the work that she started receiving personalized portraits work that she started selling nearly 15 drawings. It is at this time that after bakery there was enough free time in the noon that she joined Manuel Belgrano School to study art. At that time his classmates and teachers appreciated his perfection. He mostly practiced only the style of classic realism and painted with acrylic and on fiber.

Guzman identified her intense love for animals and is now dedicating her art to watercolor painting animal portraits. She paints domestic animals as there is high demand. However, further there will be different themes and series. The artist embraces everything that comes his way on the transitory work. Right now, Yubiz is in the art school second year, and is finding tools allowing her to pursue the work as an artist.

Watercolor Painting of Animal Portrait

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