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Lovely Watercolor Animal Paintings by Anna Llorens

Watercolor Animal Painting: Anna Llorens is a Barcelona, Spain-based professional illustrator. She was born on 27th June in Clinica Bofill. She grew up in Los Angeles, California with her mother and 3 siblings. She studied at the Massana School, Agrupacio d Aquarel Listes de Catatunya and Taller de Vicenç Ballestar. When she was eight, she found her keenness in drawing. Slowly she perfected her drawing skills and tried merging them with tattooing. She wished to share her love of portraits with others, but that did not take her further as she developed psoriatic arthritis affecting her hand. The emptiness was high to replace for an artist.

Anna Llorens did not give up. Her craving to be an artist was up. She did not give up on her art career. She slowly started mingling with good people and their struggles in life. Some of her good people became tattoo artists and website creators helping the upcoming artists. They became more a family than friends. She found solace and friendship in them and could relate to them without any judgment.

Watercolor Animal Painting Cat by Anna Llorens
Image Credit: Anna Llorens

Anna Llorens is a vegetarian and is very fond of nature and animals. Her passion is to illustrate the natural elements, plants, animals, fruits, etc contributing to her feeling. She ensures her models are on the work table, but that is impossible, and so chooses its photography. She makes a beautiful painting of life moments with her technique.

She says her passion is the one that has made her an artist and her works are incredible. She paints her talents and is also exceptional in taking lovely photos of her artwork. Her collection or gallery is filled with lively illustrations of flowers, animals, and fruits. Each is photographed with leaves, twigs, natural objects, and feathers. Anyone can offer a feast to their eyes looking at her amazing collection of artwork and immerse in its beauty.

Water Color Painting Tiger Cub by Anna Llorens
Image Credit: Anna Llorens

She dedicates herself to this artwork and her experience is much more in life that she now knows the beauty of life is much more and beyond that meets the eye. It has helped her in unblocking the ideas that she earlier struggled with and did not know how to bring them out. Now she is free and releases her ideas into her passion for artwork. The result is the beautiful nature that comes with artwork and photography.

Water Color Painting Bear by Anna Llorens
Image Credit: Anna Llorens


Water Color Painting Lion Cub by Anna Llorens
Image Credit: Anna Llorens

Anna Llorens is a positive influence through her art and she says she walks through her paintings and it creates joy and peace. It is a beautiful experience for artists that every artist should live this experience and discover their hidden mind. She says artwork and drawing provide healing to the body and mind. She began to see the joy and wished to start as tattoo artists only, but later merging and creating amazing pieces was learned by her in her artwork journey.

Though she did not get to learn through school, she learned the techniques of Photography, Graphic Designing, Illustrator, Logos, Photoshop, Painting, etc. she says her positive feelings are a result of art and believe all artists are unique.

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