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15 Ultimate Beauty and Fashion Photography by Yulia Gorbachenko

Fashion Photography: Yulia Gorbachenko was born and raised in Ukraine. She is now living in New York with her husband and son. She is a fashion and beauty photographer. She has a Masters Degree in Digital Photography. She completed her studies from SVA (School of Visual Arts). She is from Ukraine originally from where she studies linguistics and marketing.

Yulia Gorbachenko moved to the US to gain business experience and eventually became a photographer. She is happily now specialized in beauty and fashion photography. Her works are featured in publications such as Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, and Elle. Yulia Gorbachenko moved in 2007 to the US and was ready to work for that she loved and was trying to identify what exactly was her choice. On her 21 st birthday, she received a surprise, a
semi-professional camera. It was the day that triggered her shooting and she became passionate about photography immediately.

Living in New York, she graduated from School of Visual Arts and developed the photography style. After acquiring the digital photography masters degree, she worked towards specializing in beauty and fashion photography, and noticed even subtle details brought a vital difference. Photography and the intersection of beauty stirred her and believed that she was to live in New York and the city kept on inspiring her fashion taste to grow faster and also to aim bigger. She is highly excited about becoming a photographer.

Yulia Gorbachenko was excited to test new features of her camera system IQ4 and she found it was amazing. She loved the product and wished to keep it simple. The natural beauty revealed sky-blue eyes and stunning freckles. She was amazed with the quality of image as it gave images as any 3D paintings. There was no need for much editing in the color as it already had the richness and saturation.

Yulia Gorbachenko, the fashion photographer has commercial clients including Guess, Garnier, Clinique, and L’oreal. She found the works are features on the magazine covers of International fashion. She is intrigued by the results from her experiments of herself and the subject. The charisma, emotion, mood and the moment that shutter clicks are a discovery that makes each picture more than a simple shot.

Yulia says there is no need for a plan or some story outline. She says staying within the preset lines is more than enough to cause the magic in fashion photography and the connection gets reset. She always begins with a concept set in her mind and allows the energy to guide her subject through her creation. Her addictions are beauty, flare, and color. Her heart is the guide and inspiration is unpredictable. She feels, touches, and smells it to find it all around. Her images capture the irreplaceable beauty of a model and she presents the utmost expression. Reaching to perfection is Yulia’s obsession, though it may seem an insane option.

Fashion Photography

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