Typography Art Alisa Kosareva
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26 Creative Typography Artwork and Digital illustration by Alisa Kosareva

Alisa Kosareva is an illustrator, designer, and watercolorist based in Kazan, Russia, she creates intricate illustrated letters as typography artwork and digital illustration. Alisa Kosareva completer from Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering her bachelor’s degree and decided to become an illustrator. She was passionate about the artwork and recognizing her passion took to typography artworks experiment.

Alisa Kosareva gave to shape different textures and patterns conveying a better message. It was much influential than the typography traditional methods. The way her illustrations magnify the elements and also exaggerate the artwork size and the color, makes it unique among other works.

The typography importance cannot be overstated in graphic design. It contributes to hierarchy, legibility, and brand recognition. Typography is a graphic design piece and an integral part of it. Nowadays it is used to create flyers, brochures, apps, logos, web pages, or other graphic design element that may be put-together or is eye-catching. People do not look only for the brand, but their eyes wants to see something special.

Typography refers to a quality graphic design heart. The brands you love and know have developed their marketing campaigns and logos over years. It becomes memorable references as they follow a proper pattern of colors, typefaces, and texts.

Typography is a beautiful art consisting of text arrangement in a striking, legible, and engaging way. It involves a lot of technique and work. Typography is not mere typing in some pretty font. It is about the strategic arrangement taking into account the elements such as fonts, typefaces, whitespace, consistency, hierarchy, alignment, color, and whitespace. All these taken into consideration ensure to create a variety and remarkable design.

Pairing and selecting fonts are two skills for a graphic design. These are the art forms and the chosen font’s needs to fit the message tone and the mood such that it is easily legible. Mastering the font selection skills and pairing the graphic design work value ensures you reach new heights.

The pairing of fonts is important and is recommended. It is because the first pair of different fonts is kept with the same typeface. It can be uppercase, bold font for headings and the body text can have regular counterpart. Another option is choosing two typefaces that is different and in contrast with one another. You can use two different fonts for one topic such as keeping the body in Serif font and using Sans Serif font for heading. However, the thumb rule is to avoid pairing two typefaces and different fonts with subtle differences. Making a pairing of
typography artwork and digital illustration is to highlight something and it means a visible contrast among the two.

Typography Artwork

Typography Artwork A Letter by Alisa Kosareva
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Typography Artwork by Alisa Kosareva

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