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15 Creativity revealed through “The African Bricks” Photo Mosaic Art by Charis Tsevis

Greek origin, Charis Tsevis is a visual designer into photo mosaic art. He is in Paphos, Cyprus, serving global clients namely IKEA, Toyota, Fortune, The Los Angeles Times, Nike, Google, PepsiCo, Ferrari, Wired, and many more advertising agencies.

He has a Graphic Design Diploma from the Akademie für das Grafische Gewerbe, München and in visual design a masters from the Scuola Politecnica di Design, Milano. On the Cyprus Island he has a modest studio and is serving all over the world clients.

Charis Tsevis is a visiting professor at the AKTO College in Athens of Editorial Design and Typography since 1996. He presented seminars at the Panteion University of Athens and gave lectures in numerous national and international conferences and symposiums such as the TEDx Athens, International Conference on Typography and Visual Communication, the World Design Day, the Adobe D-Day, and more.

Charis Tsevis keeps writing articles about design theory, aesthetics and computing history in some highly respected art and IT magazines in Greece. He wrote 2 books about Adobe Photoshop.

His work is awarded in ED Awards (Europe), Epica Awards (Europe), NPSA (USA), Behance (USA), EBGE (Greece) and others. His name appears 4 times in a row as one the 200 World’s Best Illustrators by Lürzer’s Archive.

His work is featured in many books, magazines and websites around the world. His His art work is presented in Athens, Barcelona, San Jose and other cities exhibitions. Since 2016, Lumas has begun selling his art series. Anyone can buy his fine art prints, the limited edition on his e-shop.

He has artworks in a series in Soweto by the Mandela House in the African townships. He created matchbox houses in Athens, Greece for an African restaurant. He finds inspiration in Africa and has travelled several times to this continent. His artworks present the everyday African life and a tribute to the Zulus long tradition. He respects all the tribes of this land.

He uses brick as the basic element. The African brick refers to the typical matchbox houses showing his creativity. His bricks are stables and has African creativity. He prints digital files in 8 colors on wood and uses white ink under some bricks. He creates an illusion that the paper or metal pieces stick on the wood. There is 3 UV layers on the final artwork adding dimension.

You can buy the limited edition signed and numbered art prints from

Charis Tsevis Artwork

#1 Amanda

#2 See The Silence

#3 Deep Inside Your Brothers

#4 Echoes Of Heaven

#5 Cool

#6 Keznamdi

#7 Keznamdi

#8 I Bless The Rain

#9 Hope

#10 Shaka Zulu

#11 Water Girl

#12 Working

#13 The Pap Lady

#14 Looking At You

#15 “Final Artwork”



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