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10 Surrealism Photos-Creative Photo Manipulation by Alfred Ankit

Alfred Ankit marks his creation through his photo manipulation. He reveals his thought process of how he is able to bring out a normal picture into something supernatural. He crafts new images of the old art. He explores photo manipulation using the techniques.

Photo manipulation represents aesthetic and artistic expression and there is no deception. It is a mind creativity that comes through as photo manipulation. Photo manipulations are fun to look and create. There is lots of help with Photoshop to bring out fun and creative stuff. Manipulating the photos that you imagine shows your creative mind. The number of posts on photo manipulation reveals the amazing examples you present and how it works.

A photograph is a way of presenting the truth. It depicts reality as a moment is captured. However, it is not with all the photographs. The photos are manipulated after it is taken. There are photographers who see a different aspect of a subject pose in a certain way or its style. The images are edited and it looks something different and false. The photo manipulation is an imagination bought alive and it is identifiable. It takes years to realize and put into effect the manipulation. Today, every industry likes photo manipulation as it follows a different pattern that is unique, yet attractive. It is a way of imagining much beyond or above the regular.

Photography techniques help photo manipulation and the photograph editing process takes to a different look. It is taking to mere corrections or enhancement using photo editing software or Photoshop such that various elements are combined from other resources and several photographs. Photo manipulation creates truly remarkable photos with illusion.

There is a need to plan ahead and to be aware of the goals before combining the images or considering manipulation of photos. Understanding that you wish to accomplish is crucial as it helps to stay in focus. Photo manipulation allows eliminating visual elements that are unimportant. Photographic art is a digital art that presents realism and surreal scenes. The laws of reality and physics are broken and the photo manipulation emerges. The pictures you see after photo manipulation appears realistic, but are not found in real life. It features fantasy elements and sci-fi. There are many surreal scenes that have realistic perspective, color, shadows, and lightings, but are not real. They are futuristic looking in a paradoxical style.

Alfred achieves realism by combining the complementary photos. The factors may have similarity or resemblance that it fits into perfectly. The color and light also play a crucial role in highlighting the photo manipulation. The perspectives are different and so getting it right means a lot of edition.

Combining photos involves a lot of altering and in Photoshop; there is a lot of combining of light and color. An ordinary viewer cannot articulate the shadows that look wrong, but a photographer planning to do photo manipulation blends the background perfectly and gives life even to inanimate object. It is to build an eye to see different perspective and realism.

Creative Photo Manipulation-Alfred Ankit

#1 Home Sweet Home

#2 Flamingo Bird

#3 Catching The Moon

#4 Flamingoes

#5 Boats

#6 Awaiting

#7 BIrds

#8 Gold Fish

#9 Mountain

Creative Photomanipulation Mountain by Ankit
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#10 Nature

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