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10 Creative and Surreal Photo Manipulation by Martijn Schrijver

Surreal Photo Manipulation: Martijn Schrijver is a 40-year digital artist and is located in the Netherlands. He is highly inspired by nature and wishes to create surreal photo manipulations. He does it by incorporating animals into the landscapes.

Martijn Schrijver is an Amsterdam-based artist. He likes playing with Photoshop and keeps getting inspired by the Mother Nature and its beauty. On the Instagram page, you can find photo manipulation as his creative work, and you can find most feature landscape blending with animals.

They are beautiful inspirations as the drops of the landscape become ladybugs, mountain top becomes duck butt, rocks become giant rhino, and waterfall becomes bear. Schrijver loves seeing the photos of nature and comes up with surreal ideas.

He transforms the same into real using Photoshop. He says photos help him come with ideas and he uses the same with imagination. There are natural textures and shapes that can be re-used by blending, transforming, and cloning. He comes up with something in surplus aiming to making it more surreal.

As there is animal welfare/ conservation and environment issues on the peak that Martijn Schrijver, the digital artist presents a combination of landscape and animals. This combination is appealing to lots of people. Schrijver has the style of interlinking nature and the animals that he believes with our quality of life there is betterment for animals.

The works of Martijn Schrijver will ensure you get lost in the magical new worlds. The beauty is that if you wish you can see all those places, as they exist. The sunny and bright photos of Schrijver are photo manipulations carrying strong ambiental emotions. It has the digital design touch presenting natural wonders.

You can feel the sense as it always presents giant animal-like rocks and waterfalls. His wall art prints that are surreal are available on Etsy for a price. You can decorate your home or office wall.

Surreal Photo Manipulation-Martijn Schrijver

#1 Lion Tree

#2 Dog

#3  Frog

#4 Peacock

#5 Rhino

#6 Dolphin

#7 Flamingo

#8 Cheetah

#9 Cat

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