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15 Adorable Surreal Art and Photo Manipulation by Jose Francese

Jose Francese, is an Argentinean Italian artist. He does a fabulous compilation of images through his imagination. He is a true photo manipulation expert working on surreal works. Jose Francese was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Now, he is living in Rome, Italy, and is highly zealous about Photoshop editing. His interest is adorable in surreal art and photographic manipulation.

Jose Francese, from early age was passionate about drawing. He loved nature and animals that unknowingly he slowly sneaked into this magical world. It is the reason his works present a blend of reality and fantasy. Jose represents a world full of dreams and hope.

Unfolding Reality

Jose Francese keeps looking for the silent beauty in nature. He tries to get the image that is much away from the now culture plagued by visual noise. Essential concepts push him to choose unpredictable paths. He believes photographs can bring out the unfolding reality of nature. One can discover the new concepts, worlds, and friendships, keeping an open mind to enjoy and
immerse in realities.

From childhood, Jose Francese liked drawing and making cartoons. The digital technology advancement using the internet took to new level of Photo manipulation and incredible works. The first time he used the program of photo editing, he says he did not get idea to use. He learnt the digital artist skills later by watching online videos and tutorials. He says he uses his imagination and knowledge to combine real images, allowing doing different things coming to mind. He says, with every passing day, he discovered different things and did not stop learning.

Masterpieces of Photo Manipulation

Talented, Jose Francese, explains how he uses element as a digital artist and Photoshop expert to bring out his worldly and surreal masterpieces through Photo Manipulation. Jose Francese is a true master working on surreal works that features worldly creatures in mystical settings. His mission is to give a glimpse to other of his imagination and shares his magical masterpieces, allowing curiosity to take flight.

Jose always was into drawing from his childhood and became interested in digital art. He discovered online digital art tutorials and photo editing programs. Now, Jose is influenced by animals, nature, landscapes, and flowers. As a Photoshop expert, he combines the real and unreal, and brings life to his wild and wonderful ideas.

He wants people to learn from his work to let their imaginations fly. He says for everything the basis is nature. The meaning of his work is intended towards hope and love, he says.

Defining Digital Art Style

Jose Francese is always into the tranquility of nature. He says it motivates him to this work. It allows him to make images representing a child and lion hugging.

His style is surreal digital art and the inner workings of his work are his imaginations defining digital art style. His style relies on real world experiences and being creative. It is about finding essential skills, programs and resources to create his project that he visualizes in mind.

Jose Francese says, he observes more and does changes based on the resources or idea as per suitable time. He says his photos were a piece of adaptation of that he has. Jose completes a project in two hours and some pieces in three days. The moment he likes a photo, he tries inventing a concept. Today with the help of internet, there are many resources and ideas that he uses to execute any project.

Envato Elements

Envato Elements according to Jose Francese are the best places to acquire quality resources. The necessary tools are .PNG files, Photos, or 3D objects for anyone into Photo Manipulation. The after effects are spectacular.

The aim is in finding top quality resources and with Envato Elements carrying projects to next level is important. Jose uses Photoshop widely as he believes it to be the best for photo editing.

Jose’s Advice

His advice to Photo Manipulation learners is to look for free online course. He says learning on YouTube watching tutorials is possible and it helps improving techniques. Above all, develop patience. If one has the patience and will, the creativity touch is a beautiful addition, to take one such person very far.

Creative Photo Manipulation Flamingo BIrd by Jose Francese
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Image Credit: Jose Francese

Creative Photo Manipulation Mermaid by Jose Francese
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Image Credit: Jose Francese

Photo Manipulation Elephly by Jose Francese
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Image Credit: Jose Francese

Photo Manipulation Fox by Jose Francese
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Image Credit: Jose Francese

Photo Manipulation Tiger Tail by Jose Francese
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Image Credit: Jose Francese


Photo Manipulation Penguin by Jose Francese
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Image Credit: Jose Francese

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