Surreal Photo Manipulation Aka Mr Xerty
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20 Surreal Stunning Artworks of Photo Manipulation by Brice Chaplet

A self-taught freelance illustrator and digital artist, Brice Chaplet AKA Mr Xerty is based in Paris, France. He creates surreal stunning artworks and turns his art passion into a profession. Brice Chaplet was born in 1984 and is now working as a freelance graphic designer. The different techniques of experimenting include graffiti writing or drawing before he started working with Photoshop and graphic-design.

He lives in Paris, France and is working for the past 10 years as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator. He is working for several clients such as Caron, Sony, Fotolia. In 2007, he decided to make an independent artist proving to be an automotive company graphic designer. His works are published in many websites and magazines such as Advanced-Creation, Digital-Arts, New Web-Pick. With each passing year, his works receive proper recognition.

Chaplet’s style has an influence of urban life, vintage design, and underground culture. He plays with textures, photos, and colors that are time mixed with 3D shapes. His art reveals a surreal and crazy world, featuring urban twisted landscapes, or lovely pinup.

Many consider digital illustration creation is easy as it is done using a computer, but the fact is there is a sense of creativity and lots of hard work to produce an artwork standing tall in this competitive digital industry. Here, every artwork requires to be created with a soul for the viewer to admire it. Brice brings the basic idea through sketch and works on the composition using available pictures and tries his imaginations. Brice advises every young designer to be collaborative, open, to read books in lots and to watch tutorials, as it enables to improve skills.

Surreal Photo Manipulation-Brice Chaplet Aka Mr Xerty

#1 Wonderland

#2 My House Middle In The Sky

#3 Over The River

#4 Moonchild

#5 Grand Master Head

#6 Gypsy Valkyrie

#7 Very Good Treep

#8 Travel In

#9 Pola

#10 Surprise

#11 Take Off Time

#12 The Lost Virgin

#13 London Dandys Club

#14 Climax

#15 Magical Theatre

#16 Soul Mate

#17 The Yelspeed

#18 Flow Her

#19  Indian Stories


#20 Ticket to Fabulous

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