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“Lemons World” Surreal Oil Paintings by Vitaly Urzhumov

Surreal Oil Painting: Vitaly Urzhumov was born in Ulan-Ude in 1981 and works in Vladivostok, Russia. He is a young Russian surrealist painter. His interest in drawing was right from his junior classes. His parents got him enrolled in an art school. He studied for six years and continued developing creative skills in the Vladivostok art school under Andrey Filippovich Litzenberger, his art teacher guidance. It was in this period that his passion for Salvador Dali and Boris Valejo work increased. He admired Salvador and imitated Boris Valejo. He followed their style in painting, loved to focus on details and offered a smooth texture stroke.

Vitaly Urzhumov went further to study visual art at the University of VSUES, the design department. In this period, his acquaintance was with Giger work, an infernal artist. Vitaly Urzhumov did not wish to replicate him, but took note of some of his elements at work. He did not like imitating Giger because he found his works were depressing.

Vitaly Urzhumov’s first attempt was in 2005 that he took to painting Lemon on the ice. The same year he came with a series of paintings including the morning snails. In 2007, keeping the motivation of Salvador Dali picture he wrote the Lemon tree first picture. It looked surreal, but the audience loved the lemon theme. This took him to the next level that he added lemons in all other paintings.

Vitaly Urzhumov, confesses the fact that he loves lemons, his favorite citrus fruit. The works of Urzhumov’s depicts lemons dotting the landscape, hanging from trees, and it offers the butterflies refreshment to see a beautiful yellow hue on the hills. The surreal world for him was to see using lemon tinted glasses.

Dali was an avid food lover and also created a cookbook and it has fascinating recipes with lavish illustrations. Russia does not grow lemons and it imports this citrus fruit. Russia has the culture of tea drinking and mostly black tea is taken throughout the day with honey or sugar and lemon slices. This was perhaps an inspiration that made Urzhumov take to lemons. No matter, what was his inspiration, the lemons world looks cheerful.

Surrealism is both a revolutionary and cultural art movement. This art form is dedicated to depicting the things that lie in mind subconscious. He uses the traditional technique, with oil on canvas, and brings out his love for lemons and snails.

Vitaly Urzhumov created bright pictures. He says in the place he lives people do not buy pictures and are not much keen about art. Thus, to earn his living, he works in an office. His work takes much of his time and he paints very few pictures a year.

This surrealist artist exposes his psychological truth to evoke empathy from viewers. He wishes to unlock his imagination power of his unconscious mind. He believes the rational mind curbs the imagination power and this young Russian surrealist painter, Urzhumov is not giving up. He is going to listen to his subconscious mind and bring it into his art.

Surreal Oil Painting

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