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15 Surreal Themes Revealing Fantasy through Digital Art by Wlop

Wang Ling (WLOP) is a hobbyist digital artist. He was born in china and most of his illustrations are from the fantasy world. His style presents the fantasy stories characters and there are a few inclusions always such as the wind, water, and rain.

Wang Ling (WLOP) is in Hong Kong. He is a freelance artist also making use of his spare time. He is now working as an IC Design Engineer. He is found in Tumblr, Facebook, and DeviantArt. He specializes in illustration and digital painting.

Wlop began digital painting some 6 years ago. He always had plenty of strange ideas, dreams, stories, and wished to share them through painting with others. Many artworks of his present urban themes and mostly are related to fantasy themes. He says as he lives in a modern city almost the urban themes are familiar. He wishes to express his though with surreal themes revealing fantasy. He wishes to combine them in a distinct way.

Wlop has his works including lifelike cityscapes to fantasy surreal portraits. Most of his artworks have diverse theme and are recognizable in style. He excludes using bright colors in the initial creation stages. All his focus is on the light and dark greys. He plans as where he should introduce the brighter colors for work progress.

Wlop keeps his artworks outcome very special as it plays an important role in drawing attention. He keeps the attention towards the focal points and ensures it for 3D perspective. He gives his images rough brushstrokes to get a relaxed feel. He uses even in most impressive settings that includes a busy city street or at sea.

Wlop is based away from China, and his artworks inspire the international audience. It is found in tutorial reviews and is featured on blogs. Actually, Wlop is not following any particular steps for his art works and painting. He paints it as it goes with his thought process. He takes to drawing the shapes first and then gives paint colors.

Wlop believes the image is important in comparison to the technique. He stops his drawing only when he fined the image has the feeling expressed in the right way. It is the reason some of his paintings appear rough. He does not get into many details as he believes it may destroy the real feel of his drawing.

Wlop strongly focuses on light to give his image the right soul. One of his recent works ‘Hope’ is a scene of airport he saw a few months ago. He has portrayed emotion in his artwork and he says many people find the same artwork with different feelings. Some notice fear, sadness, and some saw hope like Wlop, He says feelings vary with different people and that is the power that art can bring forward.

Wlop is working as a software engineer, and yet is excited as he is working on a new project. He is now painting a graphic novel GhostBlade. He is thrilled about his new painting!

Digital Art Wlop

Digital Art Gorgeous Girl by Wlop
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Digital Art Jewelry by Wlop
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