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Platon Yurich’s 25 Dreamlike Images, an Enchanting Escape from Reality, Presenting Digital Art and Surrealism in Combination

Russian fine art photographer, Platon Yurich is a talented photo manipulator, creative director, and filmmaker. He merges human subjects with majestic landscapes. His photo manipulation creates dreamlike images.

He encourages viewers to go through a different imagination. His portfolio evokes wonder and mystery through his conceptual photography. His style of merging human subjects and the landscapes is a way of telling that man and nature are always together.

In one of his images, a man is in the mid-field surrounded by jigsaw giant pieces belonging to the sky, while in another image there is a man painting the day to night transition over a cityscape and in one image a girl is gazing out of an underwater train window, while alongside are the dolphins swimming. All are away from reality, but is an enchanting escape.

Platon also creates his surreal scenes creations without using Photoshop software, but he set them very carefully in real life. Yurich is an amazing photographer creative graphics brining a combination with his fine art presenting a surreal world. His stories are surrealistic but expresses the human connection and interaction of nature.

His photos allows him to exchange reflections and life experiences. These photos help him sharing his thoughts and life experiences. The surreal artworks of Yurich is in collection and you can see more of it on Instagram.

Digital Photo Manipulation-Platon Yurich





















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