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Super and Cool Miniature Sculpture by Hank Cheng

Miniature Sculpture: Hank Cheng is a Taiwanese artist. His crafts are mind-blowing dioramas appearing lifelike. It gives the imagination of seeing tiny people living in them. From the neighborhood run-down grocery stores to the chaotic, disorderly bedrooms, each piece presents the memory of the artist’s real-life places. It is a unique way of the artist paying respect to his community.

Miniature Sculpture Telephone by Hank Cheng
Image Credit: Hank Cheng

Hank Cheng, a Taipei interior designer creates realistic scenes aiming to preserve his memories that influenced his life. He aims to protect these crafts for the future. His works and the details of the craft are remarkable. Hank Cheng creates miniature realistic models of restaurants, street scenes, and also dystopian wastelands. Cheng’s street scenes have a few vehicles bought in shops, while the other small details such as the furniture in the model houses, the magazines, and the buildings are created by him.

Miniature Sculpture Cycle by Hank Cheng
Image Credit: Hank Cheng

Five years ago, Cheng began creating models on a small-scale. His first model was a Japanese restaurant that he visited regularly while he was studying. Cheng since then produced more difficult and smaller models. Cheng, the Taiwanese artisan has a knack for handling miniature worlds with meticulous handcraft that fuse fantasy and reality. It is labor-intensive work as the majority of objects are created from the root-start. He spends around twelve hours daily in his workshop and accepts it is boring at times, but in the end, it is admirable.

Cheng’s creations are always with a theme. Cheng says creating the small people’s world offers him solace and is relaxing. The creations of Cheng include a boy’s room fixated with Japanese Manga, a midnight canteen, a dystopian wasteland, his own room’s miniature rendition, a scene inspired by Gundam, a Japanese science fiction.

Miniature Sculpture Burger by Hank Cheng
Image Credit: Hank Cheng

Cheng is driving his boundaries by creating smaller models as he believes in recreating all tiny details as it offers real feeling. He wants each of his creation to narrate a story and want people to get interested in the stories. Cheng also conducts solo exhibitions and has published a book on miniature making. He hopes it receives warmth and his crafts offer the touch of real things.

Cheng’s miniature creations have gained the utmost popularity that he is now into creating dioramas full-time and is selling his craft all over the world. Each diorama completed is crafted from metal, wood, and other recycled materials. They have transformed into life-like handmade props. Cheng fashioned miniature vinyl countless albums for a record store model and in another, he shaped a crate and tiny glass bottles to complete a scene of a back alley. Cheng is a brilliant artist endowed to make anything.

Miniature Sculpture Abacus by Hank Cheng
Image Credit: Hank Cheng

Hank Cheng has intricately detailed scenes in his studio. His creations include an eye-grabbing 40-year-old replica of a central Taiwan grocery store to a secret maintenance imaginary base for a Minions band. He made this base using discarded minion-shaped recycled cookie box. Cheng’s anthology has robot warrior bases to fictional battlefields and rustic grocery shops. When anyone asks Cheng what he cannot make, he smiles saying ‘Only air and sunshine’.

Miniature Sculpture by Hank Cheng
Image Credit: Hank Cheng

Cheng received one custom order from a government agency to reconstruct a Seediq traditional miniature house. It was one of the indigenous tribe’s houses of Taiwan. He also created an order for a restaurant on a couple’s first date. These works of Cheng will show people how the land and other things appeared, believes Cheng. Cheng also participated in international competitions, but he finds happiness in the making process and receiving appreciation for his artworks. He sees it as his important reward.
Check out Cheng’s miniature creations and his dioramas.

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