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20 Stylized 3D Character Designs Using Blender by Shin Min Jeong

A 3D character artist is Shin Min Jeong (Minjeong Shin). She is right now working as a freelancer, creating 3D stylized characters in the human body form.

She creates a three-dimensional character that everyone longs for once at least. She uses the free tool ‘Blender’ software and says it is good as the basic for all the beginners to complete easily 3D characters. No matter, whether it is cut modeling props to the hair, face, clothes, and body.

She takes 3D model course and the core of this class is that she says even beginners can create 3D characters by learning the basics and understand the human body. The software Blender is a super tool; it is an easy program coming for free and features an easy interface, making it an appropriate 3D tool for beginners. Her lectures are about 3D character creations and it is a way to learn creative stylized characters.

At the class end there is a step-by-step curriculum, and you can see completion of an attractive character. Enjoy and explore the thrill of facing imagination and bringing into reality using the Blender tool.

3D Character Design-Shin Min Jeong






















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