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15 Stylized and Creative 3d Character Design by Leo Varas

A 3D character artist, Leo Varas is from Brazil. His 3d models are highly stylized. His big dream is to become a character model designer for video games.

Leo Varas has experience is in highly stylized 3d models. He is a self-taught artist. One day he stumbled upon some stylized characters videos. This prompted him to buy a small tablet and he created a 3d model bust. He is a fresher in the 3d model industry, but his work speaks.

Character artists fill the world with 3D works. It includes magical creatures, animals, and everything breathing life in a chosen setting. Leo Varas outlines the character artist’s true functionality and offers the functions an approximate idea.

3D work requires incompatible qualities in combination. Technical accuracy with artistic expression intersects fantasy featuring anatomical knowledge. Artists use these combinations to create game characters becoming the hallmark character.

Making 3D characters requires the artists to create protagonists and to associate until the game end. The role of a character artist is in creating interesting discoveries. The characters sculpting are a blend of the creative brain sides and technical, to make a rewarding professional.

3D Character Design-Leo Varas

#1 Yui – Spec Ops: Cat

#2 Yui – Spec Ops: Cat

#3 Yui – Spec Ops: Cat

#4 Yui – Spec Ops: Cat

#5 Yui – Spec Ops: Cat

#6 Yui – Spec Ops: Cat

#7 Yui – Spec Ops: Cat

#8 Yui – Spec Ops: Cat

#9 Yui – Spec Ops: Cat

#10 Lelliana The Bard

#11 Lelliana The Bard

#12 Lelliana The Bard

#13 Nebi Neko

#14 Nebi Neko

#15 Kyoko

#16 Kyoko

#17 The Violinist

#18 Nier

#19 Skathi Winter

#20 Skathi Winter




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