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15 Stunning and Beautiful Realistic Portrait Drawing by Alena Litvin

Russian artist, Alena Litvin amazes people with her drawings. Her drawings are realistic offering a feast to eyes. It is a realistic art type that appears to come off the page. Anyone has to see the paintings twice as one glance is not enough. Viewers will be compelled to take a second look. Here images are colored pencils drawing and aerography techniques.

Alena’s Instagram account has 163K followers and she is also known by the name litvinalena. She captures people’s faces by looking at them and uses pencils to create her drawings. She does not miss even the tiniest details in the portrait that her pencil drawings look like printed photos.

She specializes in portrait drawing of people in different shapes, ages, and colors. She brings out the best features masterfully of each person. Her portrait drawings are memorializing and highlights unique features. Her most beautiful paintings are custom portraits taking around 10 days to make and she paints prominent celebrities such as Keira Knightley, Neymar, Marilyn Manson, Dwayne Johnson, Matt Damon, and more.

The artist is based in Moscow, she is a self-taught artist and is painting portraits for more than 8 years. These years of hard work has paid off and her unique artworks are similar to real photos. She creates hyper-realistic drawings with her colored pencils. She says the more you practice, you can bring out awesome drawings using pencil.

Every artist comes up with own techniques of art and on realizing they are good at something, they start sharing their knowledge to the world. It helps others trying to learn the skill and can use their information and try to acuqire more information. Some can spend time productively, even by trying to draw as it requires nothing more than color pencils.

Similarly, pencil drawings also has a number of techniques. It is in the artist hands to make the pencil work. The only tool required is the color pencil. One should ensure to have full control while drawing. In the hurry of uploading a photo or sharing it on social media sites, do not rush. You cannot perfect yourself overnight or learn something in few hours. Anything appearing beautiful is the result of years of dedication and sincerity.

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