Realistic Oil Painting Rob Hefferan
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20 Stunning Realistic Oil Paintings by Rob Hefferan

Born in 1968 in Warrington, Cheshire, Rob Hefferan is a talented figurative artist. He captures warmth of each subject and the unique character though his oil painting, but also transcend to suggest the breathing and living essence of the individual.

Rob as a young boy was convinced to lead towards artistic fulfillment. Rob studied from 1985-89 at Padgate Art School and understood his contemporaries. He survived in the stifling environment of thought and freedom expressions were promoted. He completed the illustration degree. However, his exceptional versatility as an illustrator and designer earned him several contracts from high ad campaigns to providing for children’s books the artwork.

Rob is a truly modern artist exploring creative themes and boundaries and he draws his inspiration from the Pre-Raphaelite movement. Rob gained success considerably in the commercial field, but he never deterred from the lifelong ambition of becoming an artist for full time. The first exhibition of Rob was in 2003 and it was greeted with wide acclaim and got sold out. Since 2004, Forest Gallery is exhibiting Rob’s work with Rob’s large photo-realistic portraits and it is popular with collectors.

Rob Heffran works predominately with acrylics and oils that he loves oil painting. Robs works reveals his intense familiarity and eminent understanding of his oil painting. The light, color, and texture intelligently harmonize and resonate with vibrant life.

The works of Rob are the pinnacle of realistic painting eliciting animating force. He works with human body, with living architecture that he recreates the poetry of the skins structure and tone, paying homage to the musculature complex interaction, in association with the bone and tissue. With each brushstroke, Rob knows to reach from the canvas to embrace the viewer’s senses.

The pinnacle of figurative realism is to elicit the animating force that resides behind the density and delicacy of human form and structure. Working with the living architecture of the human body, Rob recreates the poetry of the skin’s tone and structure and pays homage to the complex interaction of musculature, tissue and bone. Every brushstroke has the ability to reach out from the canvas to embrace our senses.

The varied body work of Rob celebrates the multifaceted and joyous forms that allow humans to express their wit and limitless imagination. Rob has innate tact of capturing the personality of his subjects with integrity, honesty, and above all there is s unique spirit that he presents. The heartfelt response to humanity is woven into each outstanding portrait that earns him the reputation of being the finest contemporary realists.

Rob’s work and experiments presents forwards, brave thinking that is always challenging. It features the moods, themes, and styles creating thought provoking visual statements inspiring beyond the cultural and limited frames.

Rob works with oils, chalk pastels or acrylics, his innovative flair, his sensitive capacity allows him to see beyond the masks. He is able to reveal the touching truth and offer testament to deep insight and creativity. It imbues with each brushstroke and the originality reaches viewers from the canvas. There is a delightful interplay with Robs works and oil painting is the hallmark of this extremely talented artist.

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