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15 Stunning Hyper Realistic Painting by Mexico Artist Omar Ortiz

Born in 1977, Omar Ortiz lives in Guadaajara, Jalisco, Mexico. He was interested in illustration and drawing from his boyhood. He studied Graphic designing for a degree and learned technique of hand drawing, water colors, charcoal, airbrushing, and acrylics.

Omar finished college and decided to paint for his living. In 2002, he attended with artist Carmen Alarcon his first oil paint classes. Omar works now with Oil painting and believes it is the noblest technique.

The work of Omar Ortiz is also referred to as minimalistic hyperrealism such that the human body features texture-filled background and uses fabric in a magical way. His paintings act as intimate pieces, outside the space, trapped.

Omar Ortiz started painting by representing things as he can. He enjoys reproducing skin tones and nuances in bright conditions under natural light. His art pieces feature simplicity and he dislikes anything in excess as he believes anything is excess makes the art poor, and not rich.

Omar Ortiz currently works with oil painting and has showed in Mexico, Spain, Netherlands and London. Omar Ortiz portrays women relying on a seductive hyperrealism. He takes care of each psychological and physical detail. The poses he uses are based on highlighting their curves, such that he points equilibrium with it dislocation of weight and symmetry. It provokes an unstable aspect that is dynamic offering an instantaneous photographic characteristic.

The models overflow with pleasure and are hyper-sensual, they appear suspended, and seem to consummate any moment. Ortiz paints expertly the lace and fabrics using indiscreet transparencies under seductive spell. The skin is satiny and silky such that the surface is progressive and he adds indelible changes of color promoting its value. His art has successions of layers, emphasizing the characteristics of skin giving an attractive and real effect that it is sure to stimulate the sense of touch.








#6 Hyper Realism Painting “Blue Scarf”











#16 Self Portrait Painting

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