Colorful Animal Tattoo Natasha Lisova
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20 Stunning Colorful Animal Tattoos by Natasha Lisova

Russian artist, Natasha Lisova is prominent as Natasha Animal. She has a beautiful way of creating Animal Tattoos. She creates real art works on the skin of her clients. She creates tattoos of pets such as cats, horses, rabbits, and dogs on to her client’s hands.

Natasha Lisova creates colorful animal tattoos and it is realistic. She creates tattoos as per the interests of her customers. In the social media circles she is popular as animal tattooer.

Natasha works and lives in Moscow, Russia. This talented tattoo artist makes the animal tattoos realistic that it seems the animals will just jump off the skin. All her works are wonderful and brilliant.

Getting tattoos is a life decision as it goes with you. Any decision on the spur-of-the-moment may be regretting. Cover the design or you have pay for laser to remove tattoo. Carefully consider the decision and get a tattoo. Knowing about tattoo aftercare is also important.

A good tattoo is based on the size of the tattoo, the body area you want it covered, the artist, and it will cost around $50 and more. The prices are negotiable at most places, and tipping a 20% of the charge is essential.

A tattoo gives a feel of someone scratching your skin with a hot needle. Initially it may be painful and after 15 minutes, you will start managing the pain while your adrenaline starts kicking and you get a larger piece done.

After a tattoo getting a swollen skin is normal. It appears tender or rend and there is no need to put pressure or rub it much. Do not ignore the healing process. Try to plan ahead so that you can prevent agitating.

Colorful Animal Tattoo-Natasha Lisova

#1 Lion

#2 Cat

#3 Fox

#4 Dog

#5 Horse

#6 Black Panther

#7 Fox

#8 Fox

#9 Camel

#10 Rabbit

#11 Rooster

#12 Bird

#13 Healed Bird

#14 Humming BIrd

#15 Cat

#16 Cute Tiger

#17 Winter Fox

#18 Tiger

#19 Dog

#20 Fox

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