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15 Memorable and Stunning works using Blender 3d model by Nazar Noschenko

Nazar Noschenko creates Blender 3d models. He is obsessed with computer graphics. He is in school and is 16 years old. He lives in Ukraine in the Kovalivka village. Among the 6 children in his family, Nazar Noschenko is the ledest. It means the house is always full of fun and noise that it is hard to concentrate. Yet, he received utmost love and support from his family that compensated the absence of silence in his house.

Nazar Noschenko began painting from his early childhood days. Even as he was two years old,he watched a Shrek for the first time and saw it over and over. The scene of Shrek rescuing Fiona was his favorite and he watched it several times. It instilled the computer graphics passion in him and he loved clay sculpting. He began his stop-motion cartoons for the first time when he was 9.

One fine day, his parent’s friend’s family visited them and they were a big fan of open-source software and they informed Nazar Noschenko about Blender. But Nazar did not have internet and was incapable of having it installed. But he started using a Blender manual and did not understand anything, but he loved to see the illustrations. He understood that Blender will help to create environments, characters, and even animate. He started dreaming about Blender, the coolest design software that is done using the Python and C++ software.

Nazar Noschenko was gifted by his parents on his 13th birthday a house map. The map led to a kitchen blender and looking inside he saw a flash drive. It was the best gift and the Blender journey began. He acquired basic skills on blender and made his first digital cartoon. It is fun to watch and now he has access to free internet and so no issues. He is grateful to Kent Trammell, David Ward, and many others for teaching him.

Nazar Noschenko loves to alternate between Blender 3 d model and Concept Art. He finds these both complementing with each other. He switches Photoshop and Blender easily. He loves studying female characters beauty and the laws of harmony, as they are pleasing aesthetically. There are handsome male characters, but they are not easy to create. His aim is to catch a spiritual mans beauty.

Nazar Noschenko is happy to create new things and draw hyper-realistic portraits keeping the facial layout, colors, and its lighting. It is an experience offering me the skills to create original work. Human emotions are changeable such as anxiety to hope, joy to sadness, indifference to delight, and presents infinite variations. The visualization of moods is time-consuming and he loves working on dramatic characters as it is a representation of a strong and great mind. His mom’s favorite character is Tetra, the Skomorokh.

Nazar Noschenko says patience is the key. It takes a lot of time. He loves using a default soft brush in Photoshop as it offers a realistic effect and does not leave brush marks. Blender 3d model is his preferred art software and he also loves exploring the best artists, writers, photographers, animators, and directors’ works. His main aspiration is to make people happy with his works and want to become a full-length movie director that can change the world for better.

#1 Nurse Megan

#2 Puma


#3 Green Hair Girl

#4 Amy

#5 Eve Girl

#6 Blonde Hair Girl

#7 Dylan

#8 Lulu Boy

#9 Faye 3D Concept Art

#10 Hearts For Sale

Blender 3d model Heart For Sale by Nazar Noschenko
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#11 Gentleman

#12 Nausicaa

#13 Sophie

#14 Sophie

#15 Kim


#1 Blender 3D Model Nurse Megan

#2 3D Blender Model Puma Girl

#3 Recruiter 3D Model

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