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20 Stunning 3D Paintings Artwork by German Artist Stefan Pabst

Stefan Pabst was born in Russia and moved to Germany. Many of his 3D paintings appear as three dimensional and mostly jump off the page. He uses oil dry-brush technique on special paper. He started drawing from the age of five and right from very early stages in school. In fact, he received portrait requests from classmates and always it was impressive.

In this way, he became an artist for full time after drawing for his friend a portrait. He started receiving orders from singers, companies, politicians, football players, and actors. He also taught his techniques to many artists. He now paints full time and also daily works in his studio.

Watching Stefan Pabst’s artwork will give his subjects a feel of leaping out of paper when one watches it from a distance. The Russian-born professional artist presents 3D illusion. He relocated to Germany and creates a 2D surface on the paper. He received instant fame with his unique art. Pabst portraits created life-like and it delighted his customers. The day in and day out portraits lost its charm and there was nothing challenging. Stefan Pabst began pushing his boundaries.

Stefan Pabst magical creations intrigued his viewers and paid off as they succeeded in mastering 3D art. He had no reason to look back and Pabst started using oils, pencils, and pens. He draws subjects on paper sheets and magically pops-up from the surface. He does his work understanding the perspective of light, depth, and shadow, and it is hard to believe 3D creations.

Pabst draws the 3D sketches with ease, be it pop culture icons or objects, celebrities, animals, and others. He gets orders on a regular basis and is commissioned by leading brands. The aim of Pabst is to awe his audience with his art and to inspire them. He regularly uploads on YouTube helpful tutorials.

Stefan Pabst three dimensional pictures feature scratching their heads. His creations include life-like tarantulas and scorpions. Stefan Pabst has no artistic education, but is fine with his on specific learning of painting techniques. His talent of 3D art is quickly spread and ensures early success. Pabst was advertising his work by creating ads and distributing flyers. Today it is more than 24 years that Pabst is working in Minden, Germany in a studio and is creating stunning pieces for clients. All the images of Pabst capture attention and it have realistic-looking.

#1 3D Painting Art Genie by Stefan Pabst

#2 3D Artwork The Rock

#3 3D Artwork Girl

#4 3D Artwork Puppy

#5 3D Artwork Pigeon

#6 3D Artwork Tarantula

#7 3D Artwork Bee

#8 3D Artwork Ladybird

#9 3D Artwork Car

#10 3D Artwork Lego

#11 3D Artwork Paint

#12 3D Painting Dolphin

#13 3D Artwork Horse

#14 3D Drawing Art Boy

#15 3D Drawing Art Pisa Tower

#16 3D Drawing Art Fish

#17 3D Drawing Glass Water


#1 3D Drawing Art Bee Videos

#2 3D Painting Genie

#3 3D Drawing Billie Eillish by Stefan Pabst

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