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20 Stunning 3D Character Model Designs by Vahid Ahmedi

Vahid Ahmedi is a zbrush online teacher and 3d character sculptor. She is a 3d character modeler and a digital sculptor. Vahid Ahmedi began with this journey for nearly 6 years. She is very happy with her work right now.

Earlier to this, she worked as a software employee with different companies and always had an unhappy feel. One fine day, she decided to do the work of her choice and began working on her passion. She is working on new stuffs and dealing with workshops for CG school yiihuu.com. She will share the details on completing it. They are digital. She says, she proceeds to learn more and does not dwell on it if it is good or not, thereby there are always a few flaws to refine. Thus, there is always something to learn and do for her.

Vahid loves watching new tutorial of expert mentors and boosts her work. She mostly watches tutors from yiihuu.cc websites and also other great mentors and tries learning from them. Recently, she began learning Substance, Maya, and Mari and is also promoting her grooming skills.

Vahid has done on cloth using Zbrush using Polypaint and has created a dragon picture based on the Choong Yeol Lee concept. She will complete it soon as only tweaking the pose, armor, and so on is left to complete. She says she is happy with what she has done so far and sometimes she is not really happy with her work results. Yet, is happy over one thing and that is learning new tools and new stuffs.

Vahid strongly believes that she has a lot more to learn and improve her skills. She does not wish to dwell on the winning or losing feeling. Instead wishes to concentrate on perpetuating and doing more. Her inquisitiveness to learn more is increasing with more people stepping into this field and is coming with new ideas. She is working on grooming hair and texturing and on anatomy. For texturing, keep a simple texturing process, same as the 2D painters and avoid making mistakes is Vahids suggestion. She is asking everyone to watch new tutorials and to go through books relating to art or to pick good books and to try difficult projects.

Vahid’s humble opinion is to take a lot of work and to have patience in tons to learn and to become a good 3D artist. As a 3D character model artist, she says there are no shortcuts and one should be tough as real champions, athletes, and it takes real energy to make a nice project. There is a need to be consistent and tough for 3D artists.

3D Character Model-Vahid Ahmedi

#1 3D Model Design Sam

#2 3D Model Design Sam

#3 3d Model Sam

#4 3D Model Design Badass Girl

#5 3d Model Badass Girl

#6 3D Model Badass Girl

#7 3D Model Design Catherine 

#8 3D Model Design Catherine

#9 3D Model Design Gabriella

#10 3D Model Design Gabriella

#11 3D Model Design The Lady

#12 3d Sculpt Model The Lady


#14 3d Model Rogue Woman


#16 3D Model Elf Woman

#17 3D Model Warrior


#19 3D Model Girl

#20 3D Model Korean Soldier

#21 3D Model Archer Girl

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