Still life Painting Eric Wert
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20 Still Life Painting with a New Freshness by Eric Wert

Still Life Painting: Eric Wert, raised in Oregon, born in 1976 developed an eye for details. He studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and worked at the Field Museum of Natural History as a scientific illustrator. The artist created painting after acquiring from Northwestern University and MFA.

His paintings are featured in Artists Magazine, American Art Collector, Hi Fructose, Poets and Artists, and Fusion, and more. Eric Wert is a contemporary still life artist doing still life painting.

Eric Wert loves painting and his experience of common subjects shows how true they are. He views each thing and understands the mysterious world. According to him, we are on an alien planet and are enveloped by other life.

Eric is professionally painting for more than 20 years. His works feature in solo exhibits and also in over 100 art fairs and group shows abroad and around the U.S. His solo show had nearly 20 oil paintings in 2020 and it also included graphite drawings. It was the first solo show that was his largest exhibit in New York from 24 September to 17 October, 2020.

He claims his work reveals a clear connection to Still life’s and he admires virtuosity, loves them for their uniqueness and strangeness. He says there is an insane clarity and it allows seeing the banal subjects with fresh eyes.

Eric’s painting ideas come slowly by accumulating digital and physical source materials. There is the right elements combination and it may take years to arrive at a result. The still life paintings are developed carefully in stages. Working with perishable objects gives a valuable reference through photographs, even after the original object decayed. Individually, each element in the painting is photographed from many angles to provide a three-dimensional form. It is not one photograph that needs to be changes, turned or added. His paintings can manipulate elements and create optimal composition. His paintings once finished are akin to a collage and has a
record of scenes.

Still Life Painting-Eric Wert

#1 Red Chillies

#2 Pomelo

#3 Flowers

#4 Pomegranate

#5 Flowers

#6 Oranges

#7 Cherry

#8 Fruits

#9 Lettuce

#10 Fruit Basket

#11 Grapes Bowl

#12 Romanesco

#13 Crab

#14 Flower

#15 Flowers

#16 Vegetables

#17 Berries

#18 Figs

#19 Cherries

#20 Radicchio

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