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15 Highly Crafted Compositions of Still life Advertising Photography by Chris Turner

Chris Turner has developed a passion for photography, developing and shooting his own work. He got introduced to printing black and white techniques by his dad. Chris, who started as an enthusiastic amateur, soon started with his own work. At college, he tried studying his photography, but eventually worked in a studio as a job assistant. Now, he is doing still life photography based in London and film maker working with the advertising industry.

Turner, born in Florida and was raised in a nomadic family. His father was a defense contractor. Turner graduated high school in New Jersey and did his college in New York City. With camera he has a complex relationship and it reaches a fine resolution in his recent work.

Chris Turner’s work presented a combination of scale, craft and set-building to produce memorable and extraordinary imagery. He dedicated his 20 years and tried uncountable photography innovations and is riding high even now that he is prominent for his highly crafted, conceptual and technical life compositions that is found largely in-camera.

Chris Turner has acquired international recognition for his work, still life advertising photography and his roster of clients include M&C Saatchi, The Post Office, British Airways, Target, Graff, Adidas, Rolls Royce, TFL Absolut, Harrods, Samsonite, Canon, Orofluido Vanity Fair, Farrow & Ball, Gillette, Financial Times, Harper’s Bazaar, Schön Magazine, Hunger Magazine, Wallpaper Magazine Tatler Magazine, Vogue and Time Magazine.

Chris Turner was born in Waitakere City and lived all his life in West Auckland. He spent in Laingholm his teenage and moved on to Titirangi and Glen Eden. He got his first film camera when he was 10 and he loved photography that it became his obsession. The idea of making image for his was a magic as it affects a person emotionally.

After learning for 2 decades and developing his craft, Chris Turner went for photograph portraits, weddings, events, and landscapes. He wished to learn all the time he was behind the camera. According to him professional equipment does not make a great photo, but it is the person making it special.

Chris has worked with plenty of international clients and his technical expertise and unique style provides a winning combination in the advertising photography markets and editorial field. He also is a recipient of many awards for his fashion, still-life and food photography.

Chris Turner has done many works, but established himself through his highly crafted, conceptual and technical compositions in still life photography for 20 years. He experimented with composition of colors and objects, with lightning and the result is stunning. He gives a flirtatious smile and that discloses his experience and accomplishment.

Forty-three year old Turner is described as a promising photographer. His interest in photography took him from hobby to business and he concentrated on artistic work to show beauty is beneath the skin.

Still life Advertising Photography-Chris Turner















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