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20 Silicone Sculptures Exuding Novelty by Eddy Maniez

A French painter, sculptor and plastic artist, Eddy Maniez is a self-taught artist and he achieved worldwide recognition for his unique Silicone sculptures. His technique comprises of creations using silicone dots in thousands. There is no plan or guide to his work and so it is totally intuitive. The dots sets present a sense of life and have expressive curves pointing the eye, but are soft in touching.

Maniez was born in 1969 in Grasse. He is a self-taught curious person, who already knew that giving simple expression of his creativity will help him build a unique artistic universe. His art features all kinds of animals, which he sublimates using eclectic mediums into silicone sculpture. It has gorillas, Fish, and octopuses magnified by Silicone and Swarovski crystals. He uses a clever interlocking game and succeeds bringing a combination of two elements.

The artist succeeds in combining the two elements. He inlays them on ceramic or resin supports. Maniez became a sculptor from being a draftsman. He developed his technique and did experimentations. He diverted the pictorial pointillism into a 3D pointillism. Maniez, innovated a technique such that his creatures were ornamented point using strange picots. The artist asks his spectators to watch the sculptures and to view his creations softness. It is captivating and intriguing as his work retains its mischief and freshness.

Maniez, develops his artistic work using a manual silicone gun and decorates the figures. The artist since 2010 created a special silicone resisting the passage of time, thereby allowing enjoying exceptional works. Fish, dogs, gorillas, hedgehogs, and an entire animal world were given a visual effect with the digital world featuring incomparable aesthetics.

Eddy Maniez’s works are available at Rubine Red Gallery having partnership with TREDI Interiors, who supported and appreciated Maniez for choosing this artistic career for many years. In 2006, this technique was born and he developed it since 2010. His creations had dressing with hundreds to thousands of silicone pins. His each piece worked without a diagram or a plan and was an instinctive work.

Maniez gave the most expressive curves to the hand and the eye resulting from the movement created. Thus his animal sculptures were soft to touch, but visually pungent sculptures exuding novelty. All his models are registered with INPI.

Silicone Sculpture-Eddy Maniez

#1 Gorilla

#2 Gorilla

#3 Gorilla

#4 Gorilla Electric Blue

#5 Deer

#6 Deer

#7 Gorilla

#8 Gorilla

#9 Gorilla

#10 Elephant

#11 Crocodile

#12 Bull Dog

#13 Turtle

#14 Turtle

#15 Giraffe

#16 Starfish

#18 Black Cat

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