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20 Unique Collection of Sea Glass Photography by Tide Charmers

Ocean loving psychologist, Tide Charmers, specializes in Sea Glass Photography. Sea glass photography presents a blend of matted prints, unique note cards, framed gifts and photos for people loving the sea. Each glass and china piece is portrayed after collecting it for several years on the United States and Canada shores.

Each piece is unique and he loves collecting treasures on the beach. It offers him an inner calm and peace. Tide Charmers uses this Sea Glass style in the Sea Glass Jewelry. Genuine sea glass is created, where the glass is left for several decades in the ocean. It becomes smooth with the perpetual tides motion. Thus, the sea glass has a natural frosted look as the ocean takes out the chemicals from the glass.

In 2021, Tide Charmers Sea Glass Calendar was one of the best featuring photos and the profits to 100% were to be donated to the Maui Food Bank. The calendar had 13 beautiful sea glass photos in the 12×12 square calendar formats. It had plenty of room to make your appointments and notes, while the dates were easier to see.

The Sea Glass Calendar photographs were taken in Maui, Hawaii, the California Coast from Big Sur to Fort Bragg, California. The calendar was printed in the USA. The cover photo has a Sea Glass Stack at Sunset on the Sonoma Coast. The calendar sheets of each month had:

  • January- featuring soft pastel stack of pink sea glass set and purple sea glass against the
    incoming for in Fort Bragg, Califiornia.
  • February – Featuring a photograph @Mauibelle, of Hawaiian Seashells, Coral, taken by Heather. It also hadHawaiian Seaglass – highlight Hawaiian Flowers.
  • March – featuring a collection of ntique German Seaglass Marbles collection on crisp spring morning in Fort Bragg, California.
  • April – featuring a photo taken in Bodega Bay, California (Sonoma Coast), it had a bright pastel stack of California Sea Glass.
  • May – featuring a photo taken in Maui, Hawaii the favorite pastel seaglass stack accented with a Plumeria Flower.
  • June – A rainbow of seamarbles in Jenner, California – the Sonoma Coastline.
  • July – featuring all the Bubble Shells and Plumerias Photo by Mauibelle and it is the photo in Maui, Hawaii.
  • August – Hibiscus Flower Sea Glass from Davenport, California complimenting the Rare Sea Glass.
  • September- Shades of Teal And Aqua Sea Glass creating stack of California Sea Glass. This photo shot was in Fort Bragg, California as the fog just began to roll in.
  • October- Seaglass Acorns bringing in the fall and the photo was Shot in Monterey, California.
  • November – Sunset trail illuminates this balanced stack of Sea Glass along the Sonoma, Coast.
  • December – Share a little Joy in the holiday season with this photo by @Mauibelle featuring Hawaiian coral, teeny tiny Hawaiian Shells, and delicate Hawaiian Flowers. 2021 at a glance – features Hawaiian Seashells resting in a California Abalone Shell – photo from Maui, Hawaii.

This Sea Glass Photography calendar is American Made as it was printed in California.

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