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20 Life-Like Pieces from Scrap Metal Sculpture Artwork by James Corbett

Australian born, James Corbett, creates life-like sculptures since 1998. He is from Ningi, Queensland, Australia and is the proprietor of a motor wrecking business in Brisbane, Australia. Born in 1962, James Corbett brought his thoughts together to fruition. James discovered his talent to create art using amazing metal pieces whilst running in Brisbane an auto recycling business. He started welding a few parts using scrap metal sculpture, and the result was the off- road race buggy. He liked his result and found people liked it on the shop counter. James pursued his sculptures in the next few months and it became a fast selling sculptures.

In response to it, James Corbett in 1999 was held at a motoring themed care his first exhibition in Brisbbane called Vroom. James was the guest artist at the Brisbane International Motor Show for three years. He started earning commissions through various showings and exhibitions. In March 2000, the Metal sculptures became a permanent feature and so he and his wife, planned to sell the wrecking business and began giving full time to James career as artist.

Fortunately, his hardwork paid that after two decades, he is popular and has held in the UK two successful exhibitions, many solo exhibitions in the capital cities of Australia, and sold his works to clients in Malaysia, the USA, the UAE, England, Japan, Switzerland, New Zealand, Argentina, and Japan.. He was invited to exhibit at the Essen Motor Show in Germany, thereby he completed several large public display and earned corporate commissions, and at certain times of the year, is run off his feet, lacking time.

James enthusiasm for racing cars and bikes, are his most popular subjects. Animals, namely, dogs, birds and native Australian fauna are popular. James put drivers in his cars, and riders on his motorbikes, and he feels they convey the speed sense, enthusiasm and love for the machines, especially the racing cars in the older style. It is a subject that James holds close to his heart.

His ability to make Metal sculptures life-like pieces using the inanimate material is a unique gift that touches people from all lifestyles, and age group. James feels it is a satisfying result. He defines that each component of his sculptures to have its history. In the future, he says it will be a three dimensional image and a time capsule form the motorcar age. The parts are sometimes eighty years old and he finds them interesting.

James Corbett, the 46-year-old Australian artist creates sculptures using old salvaged car parts. He used the scrapped car parts into metal sculptures that are worth dollars in thousands. His sculptures are made using spark plugs, gears, radiator, exhaust, and anything that he find useful. He worked in a warehouse of scrap that had races stock cars.

James Corbett-Metal Sculpture

#1 Gorilla

#2 Walking

#3 Bird

#4 Duck

#5 Sheep

#6 Housefly

#7 Dog

#8 Penguin

#9 Squirrel

#10 Rider

#11 Eagle

#12 Dog

#13 Steeple Chaser

#14 Dakar Bike

#15 Lady Shopper

#16 Great Dane Dog

#17 Golden Crab

#18 Orangutan

#19 Toucan

#20 Rider and Malamute

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