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15 Realistic Portraits of Denim Fabric Art by Deniz Sagdic

Deniz Sagdic a Turkish artist began her art education in 1999 at Mersin University’s Faculty of Fine Arts. She was an integral part in various projects as a student. She graduated in 2003 with the same university. The young artist featured in many international and national projects.

Deniz Sagdic was born in 1981 in Mersin, Turkey. She established in Mersin her own workshop in the second year at the faculty. Despite academic invitations that gave her success in graduation, she moved to Istanbul with her studio to pursue her art in the country that is the art capital. She continued her works in Istanbul and soon gained all the attention in the field of art and started to collaborate with established galleries.

He style is unique and is mature from her young age that she soon had an artist’s signature style. Her works include interior design products, decoration items and reproduced different artists. Besides the painting, the works produced by photography, video and installation represent three-dimensional works. This young artist is involved in many national and international projects and she pursues at Dogus University Art Design Faculty her graduate studies, where she received a scholarship.

The young artist solo exhibitions include:

  • 2015, “Tin / Soul,” Mine Art, Istanbul
  • 2014, “The Soul,” Güneş Sigorta Art Gallery, Istanbul
  • 2014, “Ownership,” RenART Gallery, Istanbul
  • 2013, “Ownership,” İş Bank Art Gallery, Izmir
  • 2013, “Dream and Real,” Pinelo Gallery, Istanbul
  • 2011, “Dream and Real,” Gama Gallery, Istanbul

Deniz Sağdıç’s quickly received critical acclaim around the world due to her fluid oil paintings and portraits. Soon, found the art galleries and the people associated are in a very narrow segment in the society and wanted to transform that for better.

Sağdıç was looking with her audience for a connection and started to experiment with new mediums. She combined fabric, painting, and found objects worth creating distinct sculptural pieces.

Sağdıç belongs to a family of artists and craftspeople. Her aunt was tailors, while her father designed stained glass windows. She spent her free time in these workshops and it was a natural progression. Soon, she discovered the denim versatility. The jeans fabric is the most worn textiles in the world, and is appealing to the accessibility.

Sağdıç started her denim project by scouring the thrift shops in her area. Eventually, discovered she required more material, than purchasing virgin denim. She requested the remnants and test or defective pieces. She used it creatively as multilayered seams, metal buttons, and belt loops. Overtime she developed different 8 approaches to sculpt the fabric. It takes a few days to months.

There are a couple of artists working with this medium in the world. Focusing on portraits and using every a pair of jeans every part, makes her art unique.

#1 Realistic Portrait Denim Fabric Art by Deniz Sagdic













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