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15 Stunning Realistic Portrait Painting by Justine Florentino

A Filipino female illustrator, Justine Florentino paints beautiful women, sexy and fashionable with good effects of lighting. Her realistic, modern style and concrete painting highlight her talent. No matter if it is an oriental brunette girl or a blonde girl, her digital paintings are vivid and charming.

Justine is a self-taught artist. She is from manila, Philippines. She is working hard and learning to be a part of the game or movie industry. Born on April 5, 1992, she is 30 years now. She is a celebrity artist. She is known for digital illustration as digital painter or digital artist. She uses the Huion Kamvas GT-191 pen display tablet, and has over 40,000 Instagram followers.

Justine was born and raised in Manila, Philippines and before July 2016 her digital photos and graphics started publishing on Instagram. She earned in information technology a bachelor’s degree.

She enjoy portrait painting. Majority of her paintings are digital female paintings and she likes this approach. The digital painting for her began as a hobby after quitting her IT job, but then she loved the digital approach. Her painting are expressive and love the beauty and elegance flowing into her artworks.

She loves digital painting for commissions. Email at Justine.florentino92@gmail.com

Justine Florentino Paintings

#1 Anastasia

#2 Mina

#3 Megan Fox

#4 Somi

#5 Yun Sun Young

#6 Jennie

#7 Tzuyu

#8 Alice Pagani

#9 Blackpink

#10 Jeongyeon

#11 Jisoo

#12 Juliet

#13 Angel

#14 Betty

#15 Aurora

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