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Realistic Color Pencil Drawings by Shaun McKenzie

Color Pencil Drawing: Shaun Mckenzie is a talented artist and on social media has the name of NeeYello. This artist specializes in hyper-realistic color pencil drawing looking like photographs. Shaun has been drawing from his young days. He saw a video few years ago drawing Harry Potter and was inspired to do it. He says he failed a lot of attempts and finally made it to his goals.

3 Color Pencil Drawing Jim Carrey by Shaun Mckenzie
Image Credit: Shaun Mckenzie

Shaun draws YouTubers, celebrities, and some movie characters. He uses Stonehenge paper for portraits and Faber-Castell colored pencils. It takes Sham around 60 to 80 hours to complete a drawing. Of course, it depends on the techniques he uses. He works hard and on completion it is hard to believe they are not photographs and are his portraits.

Color Pencil Drawing Pewdiepie by Shaun Mckenzie
Image Credit: Shaun Mckenzie

Shaun, the young Australian artist spends hours creating photorealistic masterpieces. The degree of detail he shows in his works is highly impressive and it reveals why he spends so many hours. He also completes some of his works in 15 hours and for some has spent more than 280 hours on his drawings. He says, it is a laborious and painstaking process requiring mountains of patience.

Color Pencil Drawing Rupert Grint by Shaun Mckenzie
Image Credit: Shaun Mckenzie

Shaun keeps posting timelapse tutorials and videos on his YouTube channel. He has been doing it for nearly four years and has impressive followers on his social media platforms. Artist Shaun Mckenzie creates amazing pencil portraits that appear lifelike and incredibly photorealistic. Mckenzie demonstrated a portrait of a man wearing glasses in a timelapse showing how incredibly detailed his drawings are. He said he created the colored pencil portrait drawing using Faber castell polychromos and prismacolor.

Color Pencil Drawing Evanna Lynch by Shaun Mckenzie
Image Credit: Shaun Mckenzie

Shaun Mckenzie is the latest among the hugely talented artists creating photo-like artworks using colored pencils. Colored pencils are lightfast or light-resistant. It may be sharpened to get a fine point and for exquisite details. The colored pencils especially the Prismacolors are in 132 colors that are enough to draw anything. The colors can be blended to get endless combinations and to create more tints, shades, and hues. Basically draw anything and depict using colored pencils. You can draw and bring depth of color and luminosity.

Color Pencil Drawing Michael Stevens by Shaun Mckenzie
Image Credit: Shaun Mckenzie

Colored pencils are easily portable and lightweight. There is no need for intensive setup and you have the advantage of taking them anywhere you go. You can just open the drawing pad or the sketchbook and start with your colored pencils. It is easy to clean up and there is nothing messy with colored pencils in comparison to other art mediums.

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