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Realistic Celebrity 3D Models by Hadi Karimi

Celebrity 3D Model: Hadi Karimi is a 3D sculptor, CG artist. He is from Tahran, Iran. He is an Iranian freelance character artist specializing in highly realistic portraits of very famous personalities. He says it is a dose of inspiration and strikes with its realism than creativity.

Hadi karimi is a very talented 3d CG artist and sculpture and his portfolio is full of stunning portraits of well known people from the present and the past. It includes historical personalities of singers, actors, rock starts, who were never photographed. His collection has 3D portraits created by Hadi Karimi. He has give attention to every detail to maintain photography accuracy.

Hadi Karimi initiated his career as a digital painter a 2D artist. Now he is working focusing on sculpting as a 3D freelance character artist. He also sculpts fictional creatures and animals rarely.

Hadi says his project begin in ZBrush, including sculpting mesh, painting and texturing various maps and UV mapping. He does the hair grooming, composition and the rendering part in 4D or Maya for a few projects. His choice is Arnold as render engine. He is keen in sculpting historical figures and musicians. Likeness sculpting is never easy. He chose to capture a familiar face and was ready to take in all the criticisms and opinions. He knew it was never going to be friendly, it means he has to face rejection of may be convincing. He saw this challenge as fun and took to likeness sculpting.

Hadi uses ZBrush, Cinema 4D, and Arnold. He works with other softwares as a character artist, and it includes Substance Painter, 3ds Max, etc, though most of his projects are done using Cinema 4D and ZBrush. He uses Photoshop for color grading, color correction, and to offer finishing touches to his renders.

Hadi dedicates his daily schedule to projects that are his and self-criticizes it. Thus, finds way to improve skills and measures his progress. He is a member of the ZBrush Facebook and finds it a good place to interact with other sculptors. He also is online with communities such as ArtStation, ZBrush Central, and 3dtotal. He receives feedback on his works and he finds others
inspiring artworks on the online communities. He aims to see Hollywood movie models and wishes to be another’s inspiration. His biggest inspiration is Rembrandt. He finds Rembrandt’s facial expression in the paintings and the lighting techniques are extraordinary. Hadi Karimi has a long list of digital artists that he love and finds everyone as exemplary.

Hadi like to do historical figures, but he may get into music legends and philosophers. He is also curious about the video game industry and wishes to make real-time 3D characters for the games. He believes it will come with more new challenges and want to take them up.

Hadi says his love for music is his inspiration. He loves sculpting his favorite musicians while listening to their music. He says 3D art offers endless possibilities; he loves animation and also is practicing morphing between multiple expressions and is sculpting the same model.

Celebrity Realistic 3D Model

Realistic 3d model marilyn monroe by Hadi Karimi
Image Credit: Hadi Karimi

Realistic 3d model taylor swift by Hadi Karimi
Image Credit: Hadi Karimi

Realistic 3d model Grace Kelly by Hadi Karimi
Image Credit: Hadi Karimi

Realistic 3d model dua lipa by Hadi Karimi
Image Credit: Hadi Karimi

Realistic 3d model willow smith by Hadi Karimi
Image Credit: Hadi Karimi

Realistic 3d model will smith by Hadi Karimi
Image Credit: Hadi Karimi

Realistic 3d model tom hardy by Hadi Karimi
Image Credit: Hadi Karimi

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Source: https://hadikarimi.cgsociety.org/


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