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20 Creative and Realistic 3D Character Design by Rafael Benedicto

A self-taught 3D character artist, Rafael Benedicto is in Nabunturan, Philippines. Since 2006, he is practicing 3d modeling and is passionate about it. He takes up contract work and freelance works for various clients.

Rafael Benedictos main client is Bat In The Sun who needs frequently different 3d characters and also requires some vehicle designs for video productions. A character created for Character Creator Digital Human Contest 2020 is Scout Annie by Rafael. The futuristic character is a fast flying dragon fly that is a lightly armored scout. Rafael created it using 3ds Max, Zbrush, character creator tools, Substance Painter and the final renders are in Vray and 3ds max. His other characters include Samira, Blade and Thunder, Commander Shepard, Urban Ranger, and more.

Rafael also worked on 3d character needs for other clients using software such as:

  • Autodesk 3ds Max
  • Zbrush
  • Substance Painter
  • Adobe Photoshop

He has been into 3d modeling for over 15 years and so for inquiries contact email (sgthk@protonmail.com).

In creating a realistic human character, most entrants created it by combining the character base with tools such as ZBrush, Substance Painter, Marvelous Designer, Blender, Wrap, Texturing. xyz, and Maya, in Character Creator.

But the winner was Rafael for Scout Annie. He build and iterated an anatomically accurate human in a few minutes and spend more time on her equipment and outfit. The result is he secured the 1st place.

He is a big fan of the Mass Effect triology and so he did the Commander Shepard design using Omni-Blade and his own gun designs. He used 3ds Max as his main 3d program. He used Substance Painter to create the dust maps and edge and added detail only to the V-Ray final materials.
The works of Rafael Benedicto cannot miss your appreciation if you love 3d.he is one of the few
Davao graphic artists perfected the organic modeling art, vehicle modeling, robotic modeling,
and texturing using software like Adobe Photoshop and 3ds Max. He is proficient in making 3d

He did is BS-Architecture in Ateneo De Davao University. After completing it, he started gracing with his hyper futuristic Halo-themed buildings. All the models by Rafael are hyper- realistic and they seem to jump out of the screen any moment.

3D Modeling Design-Rafael Benedicto

#1 Batman

#2 The Dark Knight

#3 3D Sculpt Model Batman

#4 3D Sculpt Model Batman

#5 Scout Annie

#6 Scout Annie

#7 Scout Annie

#8 Scout Annie

#9 Scout Annie

#10 War Machine Mk. III

#11 War Machine Mk. III

#12 War Machine Mk. III

#13 Commander Shepard

#14 Commander Shepard

#15 Commander Shepard

#16 Urban Ranger

#17 Urban Ranger

#18 Urban Ranger

#19 Samira

#20 Samira



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