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15 Realistic 3D Character Designs by Mod Ratchata

3D artist from Thailand, Mod Ratchata, is a 3D artist for full time. She is in Bangkok, Thailand. She is working more than 5 years as a 3D character design artist in the game industry. She begins with a rough sketch and transforms into a 3D character. She uses Zbrush and Maya for the modeling part. Her full hand painted texture reveals her passion towards 3D characters.

Mod Tatchata is working on a real-time character as her personal project and she name the character as Khara, an inspiration from Southeast Asian clothing. A rough sketch for her becomes 3D character. In Substance Painter she does the full hand drawing texture and rendering.

She is a self-taught 3D artist. Concept transformation and its success relies on the character design artists work. She gives three dimensional characters life and fills with a magical perfection. Her 5 years of experience has made her expert in designing the gaming characters.

With the technological accuracy of anatomical knowledge of expression and fantasy, she produces the character and ensures it is stunning. The game success relies on the characters visual appeal through the environment as an indispensable part of it.

Modratchata’s 3d character design models with the costume, facial expressions, posture, colour palette, the ammunitions and weapons used are perfect. Kara, is the real-time character, a personal project of hers received good reach among viewers. The character Kara has Southeast Asian costumes inspiration.

See more processes and works of her on https://www.facebook.com/illust.ratchata/

3D Character Design-Mod Ratchata

#1 Kara







#8 3D Model Ves



#11 Namson



#14 Nilkard


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