Aleksandr Lyan 3D Model
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20 Realistic And Dynamic 3D Character Designs And Models by Aleksandr Lyan

Los Angeles, USA based, Aleksandr Lyan is a 3D CG artist. He creates dynamic engineering models, digital concept models and 3d software production for games, movies, and commercial purposes. His models offer innovative approaches. He has around 10 years of experience and is the award winner in different CG websites.

Earlier he had experience in 2D and gradually he moved to 3D art as this field gained importance. His works are published in magazines and Lurzer’s Archive. Right now, he is into 3D sculpting/CG Artist/3D modeler.

Lyan has created 3d models of Jackie Chan, the well known film start who brought the Kung fu movies into the American cinema mainstream and achieved stardom. His 3d model of Billie Eilish the popular singer with a weird facial expression is outstanding. He has portrayed a realistic picture of Veteran actor Jack nicholson in his 3d models.

His 3d models portray a natural style. Aleksandr uses Pixologic Zbrush tools, Autodesk 3ds Max, and V-ray in creating the 3d models.

Aleksandr Lyan-3D Model

#1  3D Model Jackie Chan




#5 3D Model Jim Carrey








#12 3D Character Model Billie Eilish



#15 Realistic 3D Character Design Tom Hanks




#19 3D Sculpt Model Jack Nicholson



To Contact Aleksandr Lyan Via: Website | Behance


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