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20 Jaw-dropping modeling presenting Realistic 3D Character Designs by Hossein Diba

Turkey-based artist Hossein Diba is a CG character artist, well-known for 3d character design. He is from Istanbul, Turkey. Hossein Diba, the artist is well-known for his excellent modeling. This digital artist from Iran is specialized in the characters creation for games, 3D prints, animated films, and sculptures.

Hossein Diba loved painting from his early childhood. He took to drawing beyond @D and this makes him to bring full characters. His 3D models feature tiny details and show the perfect transforming of cartoon characters.

He believes to sculpt to the best a likeness and wishes to learn to observe better. He says one need to train their eyes to capture what to see as much as possible. Diba is not new to working on big projects. He uses his expertise on video games and brings his valuable expertise to his projects. He places his masterful Realistic 3D Model that is exciting to watch. The artist has strong knowledge in human anatomy and he offers a realistic approach.

Realistic 3D Model Design-Hossein Diba

#1 Dwayne Jackson












#13 Hossein Diba








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