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Most Beautiful Quilling Paper Artwork by Bekah Stonefox

Quilling Paper Art by Bekah Stonefox: Bekah Stonefox is a 45-year-old artist from the UK. She is specialized in creating intricate art works using hundreds of paper art as colorful strips. She has spent more than 5 years now in making this arm using the paper strips. It is her interest in the technique and the natural work that has ledge to the quilling paper art.

Bekah Stonefox is a talented artist who has been honing and working on her quilling skills incessantly for the past years. She is dedicated and puts all her time together in making these impressive artworks collection. She creates animals from a to z from the land, air, and sea that showcasing different textures is her creation talent. She creates fur, hair and feathers in varying colors. She makes her paper animal pictures look very real with the on-edge technique.

Quilling Paper Artwork Lion by Bekah Stonefox
Image Credit: Bekah Stonefox

Bekah Stonefox has detailed portraits of human characters to animals including cats, dogs, and gorillas. Bekah has a remarkable skill of using the quilling techniques and she depicts varying textures for the mammal’s fur, the bird’s feathers, or the reptile’s skin. It appears like there is nothing that she cannot do or recreate using the bits of paper strips.

Quilling Paper Artwork Tiger by Bekah Stonefox
Image Credit: Bekah Stonefox

There are many quilling artists and they use in their artworks multiple techniques. Bekah Stonefox is the only person relying on the on-edge technique and is making her creations appear realistic. Her art is known as quilling and it is a form of art that uses paper strips or ribbon that is bent, rolled, twisted, and glued on a surface, bringing out a creative design.

Quilling Paper Artwork Elephant by Bekah Stonefox
Image Credit: Bekah Stonefox

Stonefox has done extraordinary work revealing her proficiency for this art form that her every effort is a fantastic effect. She is showing the power of paper that allows bringing new lovely designs. She says this is one of the best pastimes for any beginner. This art form using paper is right from the time of paper invention. Paper quilling is about cutting paper into strips, pinching and rolling the pieces into varying shapes and gluing them together to give a decorative art.

Your imagination is the key to more possibilities. There are simple and complex designs or decorative pieces. However, mastering quilling needs one to pay attention to perfection. Getting results is possible and the beauty of this art form is that it costs almost nothing.

Quilling Paper Artwork Gorilla by Bekah Stonefox
Image Credit: Bekah Stonefox

Bekah is passionate and works with lots of patience. She also works with many other quilling techniques, such as origami, painting, and collage. The specialty of her work is the paper strips that are used for the representation of various textures such as reptile skins, or bird feathers. She says there is nothing that she cannot create using the comic small strips. Bekah Stonefox explains that she loves animals with more hair and fur. The more the better is her belief. She explains that this art is a fabulous art and it is because it is 3D. With the light changing all day, the image appears more or less colorful.

To know more about Bekah Stonefox: Website | Facebook

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