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20 Beautiful Portrait Scribble Artwork by Shani KKV

Shani KKV, has successfully hitherto painted with watercolors. His works are impressive as Scribble art. His works look impressive displaying the drawing in traditional quality and features the composition in a dimensional quality that reveals the modern art thoughts. He creates an atmosphere and focuses on mood in his drawings.

He developed his detailed methods to bring scribble art of animal life and portrait in a “neo-impressionist” style. . He works out with ballpoint-pen drawings in a bound sketchbook before he proceeds to value sketches with his watercolors or markets. He has already exhibited his works in Kerala, India in solo and group shows.

The scribble drawings of Shani KKV are lifelike from your beautiful photos. He manifests every bit of your persona with scribbles, be it couple portrait, self-portrait, pet portrait, child portrait, celebrities portraits, and festival portraits. He draws to perfection that you cannot withhold your smile.

He also creates digital paintings if you give your favorite photos. He assures safe and secure delivery at your doorstep. You may contact via:

Scribble Artwork-Shani KKV

#1 Bob Marley

#2 Arnold

#3 Professor

#4 Bruce Lee

#5 Pinarayi Vijayan

#6 MS Dhoni

#7 African Woman

#8 Salman Khan

#9 Mohan Lal

#10 Sushant Singh Rajput

#11 Shraddha Kapoor

#12 Vijay

#13 Rashmika

#14 Sai Pallavi

#15 Pushpa

#16 Yash

#17 Hridayam

#18 Pretty Girl

#19 Kid

#20 Old Man

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