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15 Beautiful Portrait Oil Painting by Damian Lechoszest

Portrait Oil Painting: Damian was born in 1976 in Raciborz, Poland. Damian was a naturally gifted artist who could one his skills to transform into a master artist. He is now in Baborow, in a small town to the south of Poland.

Damian’s passion for drawing was evident since childhood when he impressed his friends and peers by exactly copying a variety of characters from comics and fairy tales. So good was he in sketching that he not only won many high-level art competitions in his school years but also received praise from art critics.

Damain Lechoszest interest in drawing was a special talent and Marek Czechowicz, an art teacher in Baborow in primary school noticed it. He influenced Damian and inspired his artistic skills Czechowicz, the art teacher was the first person helping him in deepening his practical skills in oil painting. His art teacher took Damian to his own private Paitner’s studio and taught him skills in drawing.

Damian graduated in 2002 from University of Technology in Opole. In this he attended practical painting classes in Opole at Art College. He improved his practical skills and the theoretical fundamentals. His analytical, sharp and inquiring mind understands the impact of painting on viewers. He tries to discern the reaction of human eye and records visual stimuli how the human mind sees a comprehensive image. For this reason, he studied psychology, biology, and physiology of vision.

Damian paints portrays models and portraits with analytical attitude and unusual insight. He sold his works all over the world including Russia,, Germany, Czech Republic, Ireland, Great Britain, the USA , and France. Especially, his John Paul II portrait painting hangs in the Pauline Monastery in Poland of Jasna Gora.

Right now, his passion is in disappearing Polish folk traditions and recording them. He lives with Ela, his wife and two children Lukasz and Jasiek in Baborow.

Damian was lucky that he was picked by an art teacher and under his wings he honed his oil painting practical skills. He went on graduating in Opole, Poland and acquired practical training in painting. The Polish artist became adept in oil paintings. His favorite subjects were humans. He chose portrait painting that is the toughest painting form. He wants his portraits to convey than a visual form. His portraits today receive compliments as they are more real.

Damain has progressed with each step. His preliminary drawings take a lot of his dedicated time, just in planning individual elements. He orders from a Belgian company, his canvases. These are homemade and have a life-like weave. They have a good grip and absorption and he finds it appealing to work. Damian uses pure pigments and strong paints, such as Winson and Newton paints.

For Damian, his paintings effect on viewers is of great importance. He went on researching the visual stimuli and the way it affects the perception of viewers. He considers a complete painting is the one that requires elements in a harmonious way and his aim is to enchant and delight the viewers.

Portrait Oil Painting

Portrait Oil Painting Girl by Damian Lechoszest
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Portrait Oil Painting Girl by Damian Lechoszest
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Portrait Oil Painting by Damian Lechoszest
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To Know More About Damian: Website 

Source: https://www.damianlechoszest.com/

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