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20 Beautiful Pongal Rangoli Design Ideas For Your Inspiration

Rangoli design is an emergence of a creative art. It is attributing to Hindu mythology. Rangoli the word is derived from ‘rangavalli’ the Sanskrit word and it denotes the art expression through colors. Pongal Rangoli designs in the past were traditional and in two-dimensional, while the latest designs are three dimensional and attractive. Rangoli is seen as a lucky omen.

The Pongal rangoli designs represent freehand art, and now it is also fun and more creative. It has the traditional designs in combination with modern art representing the artist creativity. The rangolis in the modern-days look mesmerizing and has an inclusion of embellishments. It includes flowers, paints, glitters, petals, and stickers, making it beautiful. There are special patterns created on special festival days such as Diwali, Pongal and the rangoli is enhanced with lighted diyas.

The Hindu calendar has festival marking various rituals and rangoli is the starting observance. It is common followed as a tradition and is done using colored powder. It adorns most entrances homes, shops, and offices. It was a part of the festivities in India and now it has become special with extravagant additions highlighting this art form beauty.

The markets are filled with different shapes of flowers and gods stencils, religious symbols, and lot more. You also get the sacred feet of Gods drawn to place it at your home entrance. You just have to sprinkle color to get desired results. The Pongal Rangoli design is viewed as auspicious design and its beauty lies in following it as traditional practice with modern tools.

Pongal Rangoli Design

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