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20 Captivating Moths the ‘Cute Things’ in Polymer Clay Sculpture by Daria Telegina

Based in Russia is Daria Telegina, an entomology inspired artist. She was born on September 8, 2007 and did her schooling in Saint Petersburg. Daria Telegina is smitten with moths that you can find her Instagram and Facebook filled with exotic creatures that she calls as ‘cute things.’

Daria Telegina looks for every minute details and it is more complex on their polymer wings, minutely textured bodies, and cane-slice antennae. She is fond of tiny creatures such as butterflies and moths and she turned creatively into polymer clay sculpture.

The polymer clay sculpture are vibrant with colors and the butterflies appear to come from some fantasyland. Her creativity takes leaps and has no bounds. Tiny moths have rose buds and move to fairyland. The beautiful polymer clay sculptures make us wonder. The viewer’s eyes can be easily deceived as these butterflies and moths in polymer clay appear so real.

The Russian artist captivates with her stunning beautiful polymer clay sculptures wearing dressing accessories that anyone would love to grab them or get hands on at the social handles of the artist.

As moths seem popping up all over she finds it amazing and hard to miss. The choice of colors on the translucent wings is her executed details done on the polymer clay sculpture and it gives an ethereal feel. Even the head strands and the fluff are made with careful attention using finely wrought clay.

Sculpture Art-Daria Telegina





















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