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20 Beautiful 3D Character Designs by Jonvong

A student from Fuzhou City, China, Jonvong(Yuheng Jiang), is a freelance artist. He uses software Maya, Arnold, Xgen and renders it in redshift. His 3d character design transfers an image to the screen from the mind presenting his creative process.

Jonvong says being a digital artist is not easy as you must translate that is in your vision or thoughts into a software piece. It requires using set of tools and the Arnold rendered is helpful. Using Maya and Arnold he is passing the transition from traditional arts to computer graphics.

Jonvong is trying to understand the subtleties form, the nuances, and its different layers. Using realism, provoking emotion is the aim. He says Arnold allows him to bring out of his head the creative process onto the screen. Using Arnold he is able to make sculptural changes, endlessly tweak assets, and trie different texture maps to seize the right effect with minimal effort. Thereby he makes the process a pure joyous vision.

Each person works differently and their individual creative processes is different to get results of their choice. He uses Maya and the Arnold renderer to create portraits. He hopes to learn more of 3d Character Design artworks to spark creative process to develop photorealistic CG characters.

3d Character Design-Yuheng Jiang(Jonvong)





















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