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15 Interesting Old Cartoon Character into Realistic 3D Models by Mohamed Halawany

Mohamed Halawany is an Egyptian artist working on Real Toons. It is a combination of iconic cartoon characters with human bodies. It is a way of presenting Cartoon Character into Realistic 3D Model.

There are many favorite childhood cartoons and did you even wonder how they will appear in real life? It is this idea or imagination that made Mohamed Halawany create ‘Real Toons’ a series depicting famous characters as real humans by dressing up them in fashionable attire.

Mohamed Halawany is a self-taught artist. He began in 2007 as a freelancer 3D generalist and is now the co-founder and art director of Seven Pictures. He has 19.4k followers on Instagram and is well known for his artistic talent of mixing up the cartoon characters heads with real bodies, thereby giving a human like look. The characters are between reality and animation and the result is surprisingly interesting.

Halawany began by mixing 2D and 3D realities into amazing art works. Only recently he came up with the Real Toons idea and series after seeing Sonic the Hedgehog, Homer Simpson, and Super Mario the heavy lifters. I began making 3D renders daily since 2017 in my free time and it was for fun. I was inspired by many 3D artists and to get a new idea every day was amazing that one such idea was the origin of Real Toons. This series was a great success as it had human-like versions of characters such as Donald Duck, Buzz Lightyear, Rich Sanchez, and more.

Mohamed Halawany says it takes nearly 2 hours for him to create an illustration and it is a simple process he agress. The body is scanned in 3D and he models the head with a brush or cinema 4D that it appears like photo manipulation but is done using 3D objects. It is about having fun in every step.

These classic characters in this series were not new and most of us grew watching them on TV and movie theaters. It was now in a different way but the usual appearances were recognizable. It was fun to see Donald Duck becoming fashionista and Super Mario going shirtless and growing muscle, while Homer Simpson lifts weights, ditching beer and doughnuts.

The favorite characters translation through near magical digital rendering application makes them into human begins and this series of images in Real Toons brought huge appreciation and wide circulation. The idea of Homer Simpson pumping iron is a creative idea and all the cartoon heads were recognizable. Halawany explained that the space figure Tim Allen-voiced was the spark for the Realistic 3D Model entire project. He brought in a cascade of characters including Dexter’s Laboratory’s Dexter and Dee Dee, Minnie Mouse, Aladdin’s Genie, pizza-loving Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Michelangelo, and so on. He agrees that receiving feedback encourages him to make more. Halawany also has done CG art.

Cartoon Character into Realistic 3D Models

3D Model Cartoon Character Bunny by Mohamed Halawany
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Image Credit: Mohamed Halawany

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