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15 Beautiful Nature and Landscape Photography by Terje Nergard

A nature photographer, Terje Nergard is from Harstad in Northern Norway. He is a landscape photographer. It is his passion that began in 2013 and he bought a camera. In 2016, he focused mainly on landscape photography.

Terje Nergård, a 33 year old self-taught landscape photographer. He is now living in the Lofoten beautiful islands and is staying here since September 2018. Earlier to this he lived amongst the Polar bear in Svalbard for 2 years.

The photographic practice of Terje Nergard, there is an intersection between reality and fiction offering the self-portraiture as a grand gesture. Each photograph reflects its journey discovering personal stories that have helped him in shaping his background, thoughts, and artistry. He builds his themes based on these philosophies, and based on his imagination creates photographs. He observes this situation using his lens and forms a bond of that he is and wants to be.

The Norwegian photographer uses a monochromatic palette and fuses himself with nature. He is a vitalist at heart and uses in living things the life force to calculate shots, and to summon grace, delicacy, and rawness in the photographs. He considers sun to be his light source in daytimes and at night the camera flash. He captures the man and nature interaction, eliciting in visuals the poetry and puts into practice the autobiography.

The inspiration for his work is the locations that he chooses to photograph. As per the climate, he works on two projects in varying locations, such as one shooting is in Norway in the summer and the other while traveling to southern regions in the winter.

For Terje Nergård, photography is the only medium that he conveys a story and reflects himself. His work is his parallel world that brings fiction and reality intersection to create a new narrative. He takes photographs without doing any sort of manipulation and taking reality and his imagination, he constructs a story. It is the reason that he is not able to relate any method as they are interdependent. It is like a dream as he sleeps and when he is awake it is the reality. Bringing together these two are different poles, where the dream appears abstract, surreal, and difficult to interpret, while a balance in life is created to deal with reality.

He has been working for the past ten summers on the Storvatn project and it is a lake name. This book was published recently. Storvatn is the place that his family had thirty years ago a cabin and it was his childhood paradise. In this book, he travels to the lake back looking for his identity and reconciles with his own past, the time is as long as he took to complete the project in Essaouira, Morocco. During winters in Norway, he travels to warmer climate, as it is the darkest in Norway. This project is a poetic interpretation and very personal as he presents Morocco with the title birds of passage and it will publish in the 2022 autumn as a book.

Terje Nergård says his attraction to nature comes due to personal need and brings the photographic process a simplification. Earlier, ten years ago, he worked in fashion and advertising as a commercial photographer. His working day has a large crew and a lot of technical equipments. Today, he does everything in the outdoor location, and the only light source is the sun or the on-camera flash. He does not retouch or manipulate the images in photoshop. The inspiration of creating nature photography came with his photographic identity, thereby he maintains simplification.

Nature and Landscape Photography-Terje Nergard

#1 Twilight

#2 Bleik in Adoya

Landscape Photography Bleik in Andoya by Terje Nergard
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#3 Reine Village

#4 Sunrise in Hamnoy

#5 Kleine Scheidegg

#6 Frankfurt City Sunset

Nature Photography Frankfurt City Sunset by Terje Nergard
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#7 Winter Solitude

#8 Lofoten Island

#9 Lofoten Island River Gently Flows

#10 Aurora Lights-Norway

#11 Lofoten Island

#12 Mosel Bend-Germany

Landscape Photography The Blend Mosel River Germany by Terje Nergard
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#13 Yellow Cabin

#14 Lofoten Island

#15 Mosel RIver

#16 Sunrise In Hamnoy

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