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20 True Love towards his passion of Portrait Photography by Svetlin Yosifov

Bulgaria born, Svetlin Yosifov is fortunate to live all his life in his beautiful county. He is focused on extreme sports, works in a private sports club. He kept taking the photos of athletes, and with time, he changed his camera lenses that he loved photographing other genres and landscapes, realizing his passion for portrait photography rose that he started looking for the faces of people at sunrises and sunsets to see their eyes for expression.

Svetlin Yosifov involves in keeping his life interesting and dynamic that he goes traveling travels abroad for two months every year. He loves meeting new people, experiencing new things, that his adventurous spirit is the inner flame that keeps him going.

His first attraction towards photography was in 2004. He was invited for a windsurf regatta and he spent sleepless nights at the race end in a dark room taking out his first photo sessions results. After a year he bought Canon 350D, and dived into the photography techniques and secrets. He realized his true love. He studied Photoshop and had an eye for details, such as reflections, shadows, lights, symmetry, and so on.

All the things that reflect the present or the past like a wrinkle or a face scar, telling the story, the smile and its enlightenment and a tear. It is my challenge to show through portrait photography the feelings of my photos.

Svetlin finds Portrait photography as the most compelling genre. The impact of a single photo comes from its reflecting emotion. He takes his first short unhindered even before having any contact with the subject. It is because people facing the camera change face and after the camera the real moment vanishes.

He says Documentary photography is to catch a moment of reality and to give a meaningful message. He intends to draw attention through urgent actions, real life situations, and society issues to be taken through documentary photos. For him he finds everything important as every image as a story and he does not show his photos to anyone keeping it in ‘To Finish’ folder.

His favourite cameras are Canon EOS 6D Mark II and Leica DIGILUX 3. He carries it in his backpack and ensures highest protection. He uses Canon standard 24-70mm lens for street portraits and Canon EF 70-200mm, CanonEF 85mm f/1.8 USM for portraits. He does Photo processing using Adobe Photoshop CS6.

He says every beginner in their photographic journey should be ready to sacrifice time and leave behind their comfort zone. Believe in yourself and with hard work and years of sleepless nights you can fulfill your passion. Svetlin says there are no rules to create good photos. He says he has been inspired by many at 1x.com and they also made him feel envy.

Svetlin says his goal is to visit more wild places and find impressive faces that he wishes the world to see as extraordinary. Svetlin defines himself as a travel documentary art photographer. His passion is in catching street portraits and figuring out their character. His interest is in natural and primal places such as India, Kenya, Ethiopia, Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cuba, Cambodia, and more. For Svetlin, photography is more than a memory or a snapshot; it tells him a story and has an influence to raise more awareness in the world we live.

In 2018, he had his first Ethiopian expedition and he visited almost every tribe in the Omo Valley national park, made about 70 photos and published in the album “Ethiopian tribes expedition” 2018. He says each tribe has a unique way of life and traditions. But the biggest tribe is the Mursi tribe, not because they cut off their ears and lips, but because in each person’s eyes one can read “I am proud to be Mursi!”. Svetlin is impressed by these people, amazing personalities and their constant fight for life and survival, the Mursi tribe.

Svetlin says photographer’s style always includes a little of illusion. Through his pictures, he expresses perfection and purity. His portrait photography is with his focusing his attention on the chest, the eyes, the background details and the things that the subject has in their hands, and creates an overall impression. This allows him to orient himself to the idea and he likes creating illusions.

Portrait Photography-Svetlin Yosifov

#1 Mursi Tribe Child

#2 Old Man Tribal Mursi

#3 Mursi Boy

#4 Indian Tribe

#5 Tribal Girl

#6 Old Mursi Tribe

#7 Mursi Tribe


#9 Sudan Tribal

#10 Mursi Tribe

#11 Ethipia Tribe Child

#12 Flower Of Suri

#13 Mubdari Tribe Man

#14 Ethiopia Tribe Child

#15 Mundari Tribe and Cow

#16 Surma Boy


#18 Night Boy Caro

#19 Three Surma

#20 Girl Suri

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