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Realize the Bonding of Mother and Children through Mihaela Noroc Photographs

Romanian photographer Mihaela Noroc is prominent for traveling the globe. She takes for her Atlas of Beauty for photographs of women. She mostly took a long time to capture women portraits around the world.

Noroc, is now 33 years old. She is in Bucharest, Romania and she spends past 6 years in traveling. Her father was a painter and since childhood she was amidst colors. As Noroc, reached the age 16, she discovered photography. However, she could not earn her living with photography, thus to earn an income, she chose to work in other fields.

She started going on vacations as a backpacker and discovers the diversity of planet. When she was 27, she quit in Bucharest her ordinary style of life and put all her savings and efforts into photography and travel, finally creating The Atlas of Beauty.

Fortunately, Noroc gained popularity with this project all over the globe. She believed and accepted the fact that she was the same simple person who loves discovering unnoticed beauty blooming in women.

She already a woman knew the ups and downs of life of women. She already worked hard to chase her dream, and was lucky that her dream was appreciated. There were women in million in the world outside, working even harder to meet their goals, but they never seem spectacular. She tries capturing the outer and inner beauty, revealing they are special.

Noroc strongly believes that Real beauty has no bounds. It may be skyscraper or a village, an intense gaze or a gesture, or in wrinkles. The differences are in real beauty.

Noroc says there is a lot of pressure on women and she notices while traveling as they behave differently. It is the pressure in some environments that they look attractive. While some have the pressure to present a modest look. But Noroc feels every woman should explore her beauty without pressure from social norms, trends, or marketing campaigns.

Mihaela Noroc is a female photographer from Bucharest, Romania. Beginning in 2013, she has traveled the world photographing everyday women with one goal: To showcase that beauty has no bounds, and that the diversity of our world is a treasure, not a reason for conflicts.

Mihaela Noroc focused and explores one more them and it was the Motherhood. She has a thoughtful collection of portraits showing the bond of mothers and children. Her collection includes Indonesia, Vietnam, Iceland, and Netherlands, highlighting the series of the motherhood nature.

Noroc, is a mother herself and has the experience first-hand featuring incredible love. She carries her subject with a lot of sensitivity. It pulls out the individual relationships nuances. It may be each other leaning for each other’s support or the warm glow radiating on their faces, where the children and mothers show the bond at its depth.

Noroc captures relationships that are challenging. It offers gratifying experience for her as she finds a unique chemistry between children and mothers that is difficult to capture on camera. She says children at times appear to get irritated by the camera and capturing special chemistry making the people facing the camera comfortable is rewarding for Noroc.

Noroc is not any coy photographer, she dislikes messing around looking for moments. She takes her subjects and only captures the moments as the subjects look eye to eye. She has captured in nearly 60 countries from Afghanistan to Iceland. She is planning to publish a new book on photographs this year. You can get to see her breathtaking works.

Noroc, shares the imagery hoping to bring light in life. She says during turbulent times, these imagery works as a ray of sunshine. The mothers love is most intense feeling and it counterbalances negativity.

Mother and Children Bonding Photograph-Mihaela Noroc

#1 Northern Vietnam

#2 Tehran, Iran

#3 Photographer Mihaela Noroc And Her Daugher Natalia

#4 Berlin, Germany

#5 Bucharest, Romania

#6 Kolkata, India

#7 Tokyo, Japan

#8 Reykjavik, Iceland

#9 Amsterdam, Netherlands

#10 Bangkok, Thailand

#11 Andes Mountains, Peru

#12 Indian

#13 Kathmandu, Nepal

#14 Bali, Indonesia

#15 Australian

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