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20 Minimalist Tattoo by Ziv Tattooer is sure to Flutter many Hearts

Ziv Tattooer: Tattoo is to getting inked on the body and most people who have got the tattoo are influenced by the tattoo designs appearing on the Instagram or Pinterest. It does not imply the designs are copied from the internet. It is just an inspiration from the social media accounts that people get tattoed different designs. There are proficient artists and one such is Ziv Tattooer from South Korea.

Ziv Tatooer ranks 5th as a tattoo artist and is around for years working on minimalist line artwork. He offers dainty designs and is a crowd favorite as he always has an eye for fashion. His tattoo particularly looks beautiful and different for hearts to flutter.

Tattoo artist create masterworks to capture the imagination. It is encouraged in Seoul as self expression with respect to music, fashion, and art. Tattoos are viewed even today as a taboo among the older generation. Though, tattoos do not have common acceptance, the tattoo culture is going on and the attitudes of people vary. In South Korea, getting a tattoo is legal, and you can find talented tattoo artists in hundreds in Seoul. Artists choosing to do a career in this field may face many risks.

Ziv is actually Zihwa Tattooer operating out of the Hongdae area. The designs she does are beautiful and delicate presenting a lot of shading and intricate lines. Most designs consist of black line work, flowers, and present a feminine touch. Her works are under ‘Le Jardin de Zihwa“ collection.

Her Instagram has more than 460k followers. The success of her has led to branch to online stores displaying her designs. It also includes the temporary tattoos that are the stickers. She collaborated with fellow tattoers to create separate Instagram account featuring tattoo tiny designs.

Becoming a tattoo artist implies there is a need to have a medical license. The culture of tattooing is alive in South Korea. Korea has many artists but foreigners are unable to communicate with them as most artists do not know English. It is not a problem with people who already know about tattoos. But an artist as first-hand experience or a first timer getting tattooed should give time to each other.

Each tattoo artist has a distinct style. It is a quality that the artists create original works. Becoming a tattoo artist requires one to be passionate and dedicated about this craft and the result it will be producing. It is a body art that look pretty cool.

Zihwa is known for her designs and intricate flowers that present the right combination of elegance and intricacy. Her pieces are detailed, delicate and rely on the black ink and skin as a subtle contrast. She is from the Hongdea-based tattoo collective housing a few experienced artists known as Reindeer Ink and they communicate in English.

#1 Minimalist Tattoo Art Kiss-Ziv Tattooer

#2 Minimalist Tattoo Art

#3 Snow Play

#4 Family

#5 Family

#6 Friends

#7 Lovers

#8 Family

#9 Family

#10 Beautiful Family

#11 Sisters

#12 Family

#13 Alone

#14 Couple

#15 Father and Daughter

#16 Whale

#17 Monkey Zodiac

#18 Panda

#19 Cupid

#20 Cupid Kisses

#21 Trip Around the World

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