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10 Mesmerizing Wood Sculptures by Gabi Rizea

Wood Sculpture: Gabi Rizea is a Romanian artist. He is 42-year-old creating hard to believe sculptures using wood and is prominent for his wood works in his country. The beauty of his work is that he discovered his wood carving talent absolutely by accident. He did not miss this opportunity and bought a new chainsaw. He began carving into a wood block a human face.

The stunning fact is that the human face in the wood block turned out so perfect that the artist continued his skills on wood and kept on working. The local authorities in Romania, at Craiova, his home city, allowed Gabi Rizea to work in all over the local parks on the old tree stumps. It has come to notice by many people and everyone is awe for his work.

Gabi Rizea is a forest engineer. His background has a professional strength. He lives with his family and wife in Craiova, his hometown. Gabi Rizea loves nature and always relates his art to nature. His creations depict his fondness towards nature. His creative craftsmanship inspires people as he comes up with new imagery. Trees are the main art piece for Gabi Rizea, the Romanian artist, and he has an exceptional talent in using the chainsaw.

Galeata Care Curge“ (formerly named „Apa“) is the popular creation of Gabi Rizea. It means pouring water from the bucket and this was his craftsmanship done in October 2017. He has transformed the rotted wood into his art works. As he stumbled on his own talent, he started creating woodwork not long; it is only a few years ago.

The admirable nature of Gabi Rizea is that he saw the chainsaw art as a new artistry form combining the ancient wood carving art and the modern technology. The chainsaw artwork was the earliest dating back to 1950s and it was the time when artists such as Ray Murphy used the chainsaw of his father to carve on a wood piece their name.

Gabi Rizea, the Romanian artist acquires online notice for his chainsaw incredible sculptures that was carved using or into old tree trunks. This is a prevalent medium to transform the age old wood blocks or trees. This chainsaw artist combined his skills being a forest engineer with his wood work passion, and eventually today the results are exceptional.

He started in 2014 with his wood carving after buying a new chainsaw. Once he attempted using it on a woodblock, he realized his intent fondness for this talent. Gabi realized his ability to evolve and especially his water pouring from bucket is a master piece depicting a water pail free- floating spilling water out on to a dry stump. This masterpiece was in a Craiova childrens park in Romania. With this he received a free reign from the administration of Craiova city to transform their parks old trees.

His work is attracting online attention and Gabi Rizea is invited to produce sculptures in Timisoara and Slatina parks. Gabi Rizea says making sketches of designs and to carve as he wants does not work. He has to manifest signature pieces facing a lot of lumber difficulties.

Gabi says working with deteriorated, old wood; he has to remove the rotten parts that there is nothing left for his design many times. Thus, he works as per the improvisation level required. It takes him days to produce one piece using chisels, chainsaws, and a grinder. Yet, he wishes to attend art schools to expand his skills by learning the wood carving intricacies.

Wood Sculpture Art

Check more about Gabe Rizea: Facebook | Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gabi_rizea/

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