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20 Mesmerizing Art of Indian Painting by Kamal Rao

Based in Udaipur, Kamal Rao is an Indian painter and artist. He is prominent for his realist works. The beauty of his painting is that each painting is detailed exquisitely. It captures every nuance of the capturing moment.

Kamal Rao belong to a artists family and he worked for 10 years in New Delhi as a banner artist. He was practicing on the large banners and movie posters of Bollywood. Kamal Rao is a photographer, painter and also a teacher.

Kamal already worked on banners practicing his techniques on large flexes. He is a firm believer of realism that he works with his paintings each subject and took to a lot of detail. He shifted to the Udaipur beautiful city his base and there he starting running an artist gallery in the city. He excelled in portrait painting. His serenity and sense of faith was presented in subtle hues making his painting a transcending experience.

Kamal Rao’s artwork relies on themed collections. His images may be bought as a framed print, canvas print, metal print, and more. The artist’s main aim is to show the beauty of woman painting and with each painting he portrays the emotions and feelings.

He is a distinct artist and his painting also includes music, dance, and scenery. In simple words, he portrays the feel of people through the Indian paintings. Kamal Rao, the Indian painter presents sensual portraits. Lovely scenes to sleeping or dressing women create mesmerizing art. The Indian paintings have its influence in the Indian art and painting.

#1 Pratiksha

#2 Poise

#3 Woman with Pigeons

#4 Devotion


#6 Reverence

#7 Nataraj

#8 Reflection

#9 Adaa



#12 Lady In The Mirror

#13 Grace

#14 Open The Door

#15 Devotee

#16 Indian Lady

#17 Praying

#18 Bride

#19 Lotus

#20 Naatiyam

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